Santander Travel

Spain is a wonderful country with innumerable places to see. The country has extremely fascinating sights and scenarios which will surely amaze you. The city of Santander is located in the Cantabria province in Spain. Santander travel promises to be an exciting one.

Some of the marvelous places to see in Santander include picturesque landscapes, beaches, museums, beautiful churches, historical monuments and gorgeous parks. Santander is an ideal holiday location and a place where you will always have something new to see.

Santander is also known for its friendly locals, delicious cuisine and wide array of shopping opportunities. Santander travel is simply fascinating.

Santander is filled with tourist attractions. The port of the city is an extremely crowded place mainly because of business reasons. An exciting place to see during your Santander travel is the city hall building, Ayuntamiento.

Another reason why you should go there is because of the abundant shopping opportunities that you can avail.  The Paseo de Pereda and the San Fransisco Church, which is located in the same area, are worth seeing. The Cervantes Street is famous for the Biblioteca Casaa Museo.

Originally it was a library but today, it is more of a museum. The La Cripta Cristo cathedral is famous for its rich historical background and is an interesting place to explore.

Santander is not only famous for its historical buildings and monuments but also for its lovely parks. The Pereda Park is among the most popular one in the city and is located near a ferry station.

Malaga is the place to be if you are looking to eat something conventional by the beach. The great atmosphere around and the beautiful waves are truely captivating and filled with entertainment.

The other popular places to visit during your Santander travel are the Avenida Reina Victoria known for the Boardwalk, from where you can witness spectacular scenes of the beach.

The tasty wines and local specialties are something you should not miss while holidaying in Santander. Finally, if you want to witness a spectacular view of the entire city, visit the mysterious lighthouse of Santander.