San Francisco – A Visitors Paradise

There is a plenty to explore in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There is so much that you will get tired but the pleasures offered by the city will still remain. And not just the city, there is the bay area of San Francisco which will give you plenty of options like having a look at The Asian Art Museum, visiting the Golden Gate Bridge and there is the famous shopping centre ‘The China Town.’

San Francisco is a city famous for its art and culture. There are a number of art museums there. The bay area of San Francisco has museums, theatres, Operas, Theatres and a number of other things. San Francisco is also famous for its ‘Silicon Valley.’ This place is a must visit for all the computer buffs.

The night light of San Francisco is very live. There are number of clubs here which offer a vibrant night life. There is a huge traffic of the club goers on Saturday and Sunday. Oakland is a place in the bay area which has a number of musical venues.

Apart from the Oakland, there are a number of places which offer entertainment. There are a number of districts like San Jose which offers a low key entertainment.

The bay area of San Francisco is also famous for various water activities as there is a plenty of place vacant in this area. They are places where you can find windsurfers.

The bay area also offers plenty of options for the Mountaineers. There is Mount Tamalpais where campers, bikers and hikers frolic throughout the year. San Francisco is also a place for shoppers. The Union square in the city is a shopper’s paradise.

Think of any famous brands, you can find it all here in San Francisco. You can also purchase artifacts and antiques. There are small retailers as well. In Silicon Valley, there is the famous Stanford Shopping centre and Santana row.

San Francisco is also famous for Spas. The luxury hotels in San Francisco offer this spa facility. For wine lovers, there is the famous ‘Nepa Valley,’ the wine offered in this area is excellent.

So make a visit San Francisco and discover things you like.



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