Ruins of Sicily

Sicily was a cosmopolitan island in the past. It had seen a multicultural society. Discovering Sicily is discovering the past of Europe. The remains tell stories of the various civilizations which lived in past here.

The ruins attract tourists from world over. Anyone interested in archaeology will find Sicily a great place to visit. In fact he can see the entire civilizations from the past at one place. He need not wander at different places in the continent.

There is a plenty to explore here. There is art, history, Folklore and above all breathtaking scenery to please a traveler. The area was inhabited by various civilizations. The ruins of the civilizations are still there. In fact the Roman ruins left here are comparable to those in Rome.

Museo Archeologico Regionale is the museum in Sicily; it has one of the largest collections of artifacts in Europe. The museum goes on to tell the various civilizations that inhabited the island in the past.

The Phoenician, Punic, Greek, Roman and Saracen lived here in the past. Some of the Roman ruins are located in Catania, Capo Tindari, Taormina and Cape Boeo.

The ruins of Cape Boeo has a villa. The villa also has a bath with it. There is the church of San Giovanni. There is also a museum at this place called Lungomare Boéo. The museum has some artifacts from the Punic era.

The ruins of Catania include an ampithetre which is very similar to Rome’s Colosseum. In the ruins of Taormina, you can see the remains of a Greek amphitheatre. You can also enjoy the great view of Mount Etna from this place. The ruins of Tyndaris include a Roman theatre and a basilica. The setting is magnificent here because of the Sea.

If you want to see the culture of Ancient Greek, you just need to go to the valley of temples. There is everything in the ruins which shows that a vibrant city existed here in the past.

Apart from the ruins, Sicily is also a tourist destination because of its scenic setting. This place has got some breathtaking scenery. The awesome beaches, the majestic mountains, the orchards, the vineyards, the olive groves create an unforgettable setting fit for a perfect destination for travel.

For travelers there are plenty of accommodation facilities with all the modern day comforts to ensure that your travel to the past is a smooth one.


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