Rollercoasters : The Best Rides In The Entire World

Are you a die hard fan of extremely thrilling and bone chilling amusement park rides? If yes, then you must have already seen your share of roller coasters. Almost every amusement park in the world has some kind of roller coaster that gives it’s riders a whale of a time.

For those of you who have a faint idea on the subject, the roller coaster was first invented in the year 1885 and the first ever fully operational roller coaster ride appeared at New York’s Coney Island. Ever since then, the world has seen numerous roller coasters, with some climbing up to heights of 100 feet and having more than 10 scary loops.

Here are some of the best roller coaster rides in the world. If you happen to visit these amusement parks, make sure to get on these thrillers. By the time the ride finishes, you would probably have your heart in your mouth.

Behemoth: Situated in Toronto, Canada, the Wonderland Park is home to the world renowned Behemoth, the largest, tallest and the fastest roller coaster in all of Canada.

The 26 million dollar ride started functioning in 2008 and has a total of 8 drops and double banked horizontal loops. The ride can reach speeds of up to 80 mph in a matter of 4 seconds and starts with a hair rising 85 degree descent.

Kingda Ka: Prepare to hurtle down from a height of 456 feet at 128 mph at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. The Kingda Ka in also ascertained at the fastest roller coaster ride in the world and plunges down a 90 degree descent, making its passengers scream for mercy.

Eajanaika: Located in Fuji-Q Highland Park in Yamanashi, Japan, the Eejanaika is a fourth dimension (4D) ride that has riders screaming their lungs out from the moment the ride starts.

Higher and faster than its predecessor which is located at Six Flags in the U.S.A, the Eejanaika can rise to heights of 249 feet and can reach speeds of 78.3 mph. In addition to this, the seats of the ride can move forward and backward, and can rotate 360 degrees in controlled spins.

Steel Dragon 2000: Again located in Japan, the Steel Dragon 2000 ride is located at Nagashima Spa Land in the island of Nagashima. In addition to being the world’s longest ride with a time span of almost 4 minutes, the ride can reach heights of 318 feet and speeds of 95 mph.

Tower of Terror: Deemed as one of the fastest roller coasters on the entire planet, the Tower of Terror in Queensland, Australia lives up to its word of terrorizing its riders. The ride moves on a track that is L shaped.

The shuttle coaster is propelled by magnetic induction and runs on linear synchronous motors. The ride actually shoots up the track at 100 mph, pressing you to your seats. At the top, you will have a second to rejoice before you free fall back to the bottom where the ride stops just before you hit the ground. Terrifying, isn’t it?

Furius Baco: Port Aventura in Spain is known world over for its multi themed attractions. But what one may not know is that the park houses an extremely thrilling roller coaster ride called the Furius Baco.

In addition to reaching speeds of 84 mph, the Furius Baco gives riders additional chills by having its seats located on the outer sides of the track. This exposes the passengers completely, making the ride all the more frightening and entertaining.

Megafobia: Located at Oakwood Coaster Country in Pembrokeshire, Wales, the Megafobia ride stands on a wooden frame which is designed like a twister. The ride can reach speeds of 100 seconds and can rise up to 85 feet in addition to being 2956 feet long.

Nemesis: Officially called as Europe’s first inverted roller coaster, the Nemesis is located at Alton Towers in England. The best part of the ride is that the riders need to dangle below the tracks in ski lift like seats. This intensifies the experience as riders are thrown around in their seats as the ride loops and twists like crazy before coming to a stop.

Formula Rossa: The Formula Rossa can be called as the ride of the future. Boasting of stupendous features, the ride is yet to be open and is slated for release in October 2010. Among the many features of the ride, the fact that it can reach speeds of 100 mph in less than 2 seconds takes the cake.

When opened, the Formula Rosa will officially become the fastest roller coaster in the world. The ride is touted to reach heights of 171 feet and move from indoors to the open portion of the park.


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