Roaming from Rome

Rome is the best spring board to flutter in and around neighbouring touristic treats. September and October are the best months to put on your roman slippers and slip out to an Italian safari. 

Naples and Pompeii. This will start with seeing Mount Vesuvious while breezing through the villages like Ercolano and Torre Annunziata. You will also have the oppurtunity to see Naples’ historic spots like the Castle Nuovo and the Royal Palace. Step into the several centuries old city of Pompeii. Here you will feel the haunting echoes of the past and the thousands and thousands of people who were unfortunately died when the city was  destroyed. Your lunch and entrance fees are taken care of during this one-day trip with the inclusion of an air-conditioned bus that would drive you around comfortably.

Devote an entire day to Capri, better known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”. You will get by edging towards the Roman medieval countryside like Castelli Romani and then jump into a quick jet ride once your reach Naples, heading towards the port of Capri. You will be taken to get a fabulous insight to the Grotta Azzurra (Blue grotto) which got its name from the liquid turquoise colour that influences the light around the cavern. Don’t stress. You will get your time out to dig in on a generous plate of whatever you fancy for lunch.

Ostia. A regular town. Houses. Shops. Squares. With a twist. It is a ghost town where no one has lived in it for  more than a staggering two centuries. Ostia is like a visual game where your eyes complete the roof that houses have lost their roofs or a wall.This trip is a complete de-stresser where you are far away for noise and traffic. Grab a quick bite at the modern village of Ostia Antica. You can heap up on your stamp collection at the post office. There are important buildings like the temple of Rome and Augustus, the Basilica and the thermal baths. Complete the picture of how people would enjoy and evening at the ruins of an ancient Roman bar.

Tuscany and Umbria invite you to savour cheeses, wines and salami. You’ll get to see tiny towns in Cortona and Montepulciano. The shores of Lake Trasimeno have their quaint shops prepped for foreign passers-by. You can let go of table etiquette when you sit down for an informal lunch at a popular country restaurant.

Walk. Sail. Drive. Swim. Rome will show you a good time, anyway!