Road Trips On The Beaches Of Manhattan

Manhattan has its share of beautiful beaches that are almost always crowded with locals and tourists alike. And if you are planning a visit to this busy destination, then a road trip to these beaches and the city itself must be added to your travel itinerary. For a road trip is one of the best ways to catch Manhattan and its beaches at their liveliest best.

History Of Manhattan Beach

Before actually visiting the Manhattan Beach, you might want to know a little bit about the history of the place. Formerly called as Shore Acres, the Manhattan Beach belonged to the Rancho Sausal Redondo (translates to ‘Round Clump of Willows’) which was a 10 mile stretch of ocean front property.

Road Trips on the Beaches of Manhattan

And it was not until much later that this particular stretch of shoreline was rechristened as ‘Manhattan Beach’ by John Merril who owned most of the southern areas of the town.

Road Trips On The Beaches Of Manhattan: What’s In Store For You?

Mesmerizing Activities On The Beach

Manhattan has something for every kind of traveler from honeymooners and families to singletons and party goers. In addition to just relaxing by the sparkling shoreline, it is possible for guests to take part in a wide range of recreational activities on the beach like tanning, wind surfing, kite flying, swimming and wakeboarding etc. Nothing better to beat a hot summer day than a fun filled day at the beach!

Rides To The Valley

Make it a point to opt for a peaceful drive that would take you from the pier down at Manhattan Beach to the valley up in the hills surrounding the city. It’s a long drive that would let you enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature as you course through the coastline undisturbed (the road is fairly empty).

Rides To Town

You can also opt for rides from the pier at the beach to the bustling town center. There are so many places for the entire family to visit and enjoy. For example, the Manhattan Beach Boulevard is just the place to visit for some last minute shopping.

 Trips on the Beaches of Manhattan

The Round House Aquarium would let you get close to several kinds of sea animals and plants. And then again, there’s the Manhattan Avenue which is just perfect for a nice cruise, owing to the chic neighborhood which is filled with stylish buildings and chic landscapes.

Ride Makeover

There is no need to worry about a breakdown (vehicle) when you are driving on the beaches of Manhattan. The shores of the beaches are lined with plenty of repair shops that would take care of your vehicle and tune it up in no time at all.

Of course there is always the option to go in for a complete makeover; provided that you own the vehicle that you want the makeover for. There are plenty of mechanic and auto body shops along the shores of the Manhattan and the Hermosa Beach, and Playa del Rey that would fit your vehicle with the latest accessories, colors and finishes for a complete transformation. By the time your transformed vehicle rolls out, you would hardly be able to recognize it!

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