Prague Travel Guide

Prague is a unique city and its beauty will really impress you. The place is known all over the world for its architectural masterpieces. The city has a number of structures and buildings that has been there for several eras. Prague is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.

It has many historical sights such as the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge. The number of tourists in the city is increasing every year and very recently Prague was voted as one of the most visited cities in Central Europe.

The Czech capital has excellent train and bus connections that make it easier for the tourists to commute within the city. Prague is also very rich culturally and has a vibrant nightlife. You can spend a night at the opera, visit an art gallery, listen to music or participate in open mic poetry performances.


There are many sights in Prague. The best way to see Prague is to walk aimlessly in the Old Town and have wonderful views of the city. Your fist stop could be at Strahov Monastery. You can walk past the Loreto to reach here. Don’t miss the Theological and Philosophical Halls that has some stunning ceilings. These rooms can be viewed from the entrances as admission is strictly prohibited.

At the heart of the Prague city is the famous Charles Bridge. This bridge acts as the connection between the Old Town and the castle. The both ends of this bridge are fortified by towers. It is surprising to note that till 19th century, this was the only bridge in Prague. The Prague Castle could be your next stop. This is a huge monument and was the seat for Czech princes and kings. Today it is the seat of the President of the Czech Republic.

Eating Out:

The Czech capital is very cosmopolitan when it comes to food habits. You will get Thai, Turkish, Japanese and Chinese food almost everywhere. The prices are very reasonable. Half liter of beer will cost you 30 cents and a wine bottle will cost $1.


There are many shopping places in the city but the most notable among them is the Tesco Department Store which is the biggest in the city center. The Kovta Department Store sells an array of products like clothes, shoes, jewelry and stationery.