Popular Restaurants around the World

If you’re tired of dining at the same old restaurants repeatedly, here’s a chance for you to choose a unique alternative. Situated around the world are several restaurants that beg to differ from the standard run of the mill eateries and offer very creative and unique ideas to make dining at these places a memorable fare.

Here’s a list of some of the most unique restaurants in the world. Although some of them may sound wacky at times, you need to give credit for creativity, and  have their share of visitors in the form of locals and tourists alike.

Dans Le Noir, Paris: You have definitely got to try this restaurant!  Situated in downtown Paris, the Dans Le Noir Restaurant is a far cry from what it looks like from outside. The restaurant offers guests a unique experience of dining in pitch black darkness.

The restaurant’s foyer greets guests with a refreshing drink and diners can order what they want to eat. Then they are led into the main dining area which is, believe it or not, completely dark. The only way to find your plate is to grope around in the dark and get help from your fellow diners.

To add to the suspense, guests often go for the surprise menu and have no idea of what is served until they taste it. Be cautious to move around slowly as you might upset the spread on the table, turning it into a messy affair.

Ithaa Underwater Restaurant, Maldives: Situated in the Conrad Rangali Island Resort in Maldives, the Ithaa Restaurant is the first restaurant of its’ kind in the world. Completely transparent and situated 5 meters below sea level, the restaurant offers guests 360 degree views of the spectacular underwater world. The restaurant can accommodate only 14 diners at a time and does not allow kids aged 12 and under.

Solo Per Due, Italy: Here’s the perfect chance and location to propose to your loved ones. Located in the Vacone area of Italy, the Solo Per Due Restaurant is perhaps the smallest restaurant in the world. The reason? The restaurant has a capacity to seat only two guests and you can be assured of complete peace and privacy while you enjoy your meal.

Dinner in the Sky: If you are not afraid of heights, why not enjoy a meal at this one of a kind hanging restaurant? The restaurant comprises of a dining table that is able to seat a total of 22 diners and is suspended about 50 meters in the air by a construction crane. All the restaurant requires from you is prior payment, space to accommodate the crane (about 500 square meters) and proper authorization from the local governing authorities.

Linger Lodge, Florida: Next time you are driving to Florida and happen to wonder why there are no traces of roadkill animals on the road, stop by at the Linger Lodge and you will get your answer. Just kidding, folks!

The Linger Lodge is located in Bradenton, Florida and is touted to be one of the strangest restaurants in the entire country. The restaurant is decorated with stuffed animals at several places and the atmosphere might tend to look intimidating at first. Wait till you check out the menu.

Serving weird menu items like Swirl of Squirrel, Bag-N-Gag and Chunk O’ Skunk, the hotel does get its share of visitors who like to venture into newer pastures.

Terra Bite Lounge, Washington D.C.: Here’s a place where you can choose what to pay for a meal. Sounds interesting right? Well then, why not enjoy a meal at the Terra Bite Lounge on Kirkland Avenue in Washington?

Basically a standard voluntary restaurant, the Terea Bite Lounge encourages its diners to enjoy their meals and pay what they think would be the best price. The restaurant also serves those who cannot afford a meal and you can pretty much find the restaurant crowded at all times of the day.

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