Pleasure Of Travelling By Swissair Airlines

swissair airline europe Operating from its headquarters at Zurich, Swissair is one of the leading airlines in Europe. It is the national carrier of Switzerland and has the reputation of serving 39 countries around the world.

The modern fleet of 89 aircrafts helps Swissair to serve 72 worldwide destinations. Being a part of the Lufthansa group, Swissair is also a member of the Star Alliance, allowing it to serve passengers in the best possible manner.

Services Offered By Swissair

When you are travelling by Swissair, you can be assured of getting the best treatments. The company offers facilities for web as well as mobile check-in. Flights to any destination can be easily booked with the help of the comprehensive website. It will let you plan your itinerary by providing booking details, arrival and departure times.

The company has also provided special provisions for taking unaccompanied minors. Children over the age of 12 are allowed to travel alone and in order to make it easier for them Swissair offers special assistance at the airport and on the plane. It makes sure that the child reaches the destination safely.

And if you wish to travel with your pet, provision for carrying the pet into the cabin is offered to the passengers. However, you can choose to transport your pet through the cargo section as well. Special arrangements are then made to create cabin like conditions at the cargo section.

On-board Facilities

If you are travelling by Swiss first class, it is bound to be a memorable experience. With the range of personalized services, gourmet cuisine, fine food and drinks you are bound to have an absolutely luxurious and comfortable journey. And with Swiss Business, you are ensured of a fantastic combination of luxury, comfort and efficiency.

So, whether you are going for a leisurely holiday or for work, it will create the perfect ambience for working as well as relaxing. And if in-flight meals never excited you, Swissair has devised ways to tickle your taste buds. In keeping with the passenger’s needs, special menus have been developed for long haul as well as short distance travellers.

swissair airline food

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You can even order low calorie, low salt or low fat food, depending on your requirements. Special food for children is also available on board a Swissair flight. Even religious preferences regarding food are taken into consideration by the company and it makes sure that every passenger gets the food of his or her choice.

Entertainment Options Aboard Swissair

On-board a Swissair flight, you will have plenty of options to be entertained. There are movies, television programs, video games, music channels and even music on demand services. Therefore, if you are taking a long flight, it is no longer going to be as boring.

The award winning Swiss magazine is another great way of enjoying the flight. This magazine has several travel related articles and is overall, a good read for passengers. Business and first class passengers are also subjected to receive a copy of the Swiss Universe magazine, which is also a renowned magazine for travellers.