Pleasure Of Travelling By Indian Airlines

Indian Airlines was one of the first companies to have made its foray into aviation in India. After its foundation in 1953, it served as the flag carrier of India along with the national carrier of India, Air India.

However, later in2005, Indian Airlines changed its name to Indian and on 27th February, 2011, it was merged with Air India to become the only flag carrier of the country. At present, the alliance of Indian Airlines and Air India has formed one company that has been named Air India.

With a fleet of 130 aircrafts, Indian Airlines offers flights to several domestic and international destinations. Though, it was one of the most preferred airlines for domestic travel in India, the recent entry of several low cost airlines, has largely affected its business. However, despite the tough times, the company has remained a profit earning entity.

Travel Classes

Air India, formerly known as Indian Airlines, offers passengers the luxury of choosing First, Executive or Economy class seats. First class passengers are treated to an extremely comfortable journey and the treat begins with the plush seats that have been installed in the planes.

The 180 degrees reclining seats allow passengers to completely relax during their journey and reach their destination without feeling fatigued. With a lot of personalized attention, you’ll hardly feel that there is anybody else on board. In fact, Air India first class only allows 12 passengers inside the cabin. The food is also hand picked to satisfy every traveller. Cocktails and mouth-watering delicacies are offered to passengers on-board Air India’s first class.

Air India’s first class.

The Executive class on the other hand, can be considered to be a true luxury haven for business as well as leisure travellers. The comfortable seats, plush surroundings and interiors and the assurance of always getting either window or aisle seats, make the journey even more pleasant.

Passengers are also entitled to exclusive check-in facilities, if they book Executive class seats. It also offers a cute amenity kit to every passenger. Along with this, there is obviously a fine range of delectable dishes waiting for you.

The Economy class is just perfect for budget travellers. It is the best way of enjoying a great flight without having to pay a lot. Here you would get complimentary wines, a choice of Indian or Continental food and the facility of viewing large movie screens installed inside the cabin.

Special Offers

The more you travel by Air India, the more you tend to gain on air miles. As a frequent flyer, the company wishes to reward its passengers with amazing deals. The flying miles can be easily redeemed for discounted rates on airfare. These can also be utilized with some of the partner airlines of Air India.

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Thus, with Air India, formerly known as Indian Airlines, you are guaranteed to have an extremely pleasant flight. The impeccable service on domestic as well international sectors have earned a lot of accolades and those travelling to destinations in the United States or United Kingdom, prefer to fly Air India.