Planning An Adventure Travel In West Virginia

adventure trip to West Virginia The state of West Virginia lies to the southeast of the Appalachian Mountains in the United States. West Virginia is known all over the world for its mountains and its varied topography.

The state is also among the most densely populated karstic areas in the world which makes this state very popular among adventurers, explorers and geologists. The karstic lands also provide a convenient environment for trout fishing.

Because of the popularity of West Virginia for recreational caving and adventures, it is the perfect spot for planning your next adventure travel. There are countless things to do in West Virginia such as white water rafting, skiing, hunting, mountain biking, fishing and hiking.

West Virginia is a state that is known for its natural beauty. With its mountains, deep valleys, steep hills and its amazing retreats, an adventure vacation to this state is sure to be a memorable and rewarding experience for you.

For planning an adventure travel to West Virginia, you will need to know what the best time to visit is, the places that you will stay at, the things you will see and the things that will do and so on.

mountain biking in West Virginia

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There is a wide array of choices for you with regard to the activities that you want to do and your accommodation. From rural retreats and resorts to mountain cabins, you can choose the type of accommodation that suits you best. This article will elaborate on the things you need to consider for planning an adventure travel to the beautiful state of West Virginia.

Places to Stay in West Virginia

Depending on the kind of trip that you are planning, you can choose your accommodation. For instance, if it is a family vacation, then the hotels or the lodges and cabins on the mountains can be ideal for a fun filled vacation with your family.

On the other hand if you are planning a trip with your spouse, then there are some beautiful bed and breakfast places which are ideal for a quiet vacation. The campgrounds are also amazing for an adventure trip to West Virginia with your friends.

The cabins in West Virginia are something of which there is no shortage. You are always bound to find some cabins which will accommodate you. These cabins vary from the more luxurious ones to the more rustic ones. A very beneficial aspect about these cabins is that they are great as bases for the rest of your vacation.

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You can plan all your trips to and from the cabins and do not have to stop anywhere else. If you require more space than what the cabins will allow you, then the mountain lodges will be perfect for you. These lodges have a large central meeting place which is ideal for family reunions and so on.

Besides the cabins there are bed and breakfasts and small motels which are more secluded, peaceful and quiet. These places are ideal for some time away if you want some peace and quiet. The bed and breakfasts add a personal touch to the services they offer, making your trip very homely and comfortable. Some of the motels are located close to the river banks and offer a lovely view of the mountain terrain.

Finally, the campgrounds are the best accommodation you can choose if you truly want to experience the mountains. There is no better way to plan a vacation than to include your stay in the campgrounds. These campgrounds are not devoid of facilities and so you will not need to rough it up too much.

Adventures in West Virginia

The state is most famous for whitewater rafting on the New River and the Gauley River. Some other activities include, mountain climbing, treetops canopy tour, biking, fishing, gravity zip lining, paddle boarding, kayaking and so on.

The white water rafting trips travel through various white water sections of the Gauley River and the New River. The rafting routes will take you through a magnificent landscape of pools, strong rapids and drops with the vertical cliffs and highland forests on both sides of the river banks. The cliffs and forests that surround the canyon of River gorge offer some amazing sights of ancient geological formations.

West Virginia white water rafting trips

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White water rafting is not dangerous as some people suppose and can be done by children as well. Some of these white water rafting trips include the Sandstone Canyon, Glade Creek Canyon, and Stone Cliff Canyon. You can also take a break from the rafting to enjoy the forests and woodlands on the river banks. There are various types of white water rafting schedules such as afternoon rafting, overnight rafting and so on.

You can also go zip lining or on canopy tours in West Virginia. There are zip lines on the mountain ranges which are professionally constructed with strong cable ridges and easy to land stationary platforms. The gorge at New River offers a lovely treetops canopy tour that will offer you breathtaking sights of the forests and the flora and fauna below.

These tours are led by professional guides so you do not have to be a professional mountain climber to take these tours. The tours offer lovely views in the midst of some refreshing mountain air. These zip lining and canopy tours include the overviews of Mill Creek, Eastern Hemlock and White Oak Forest and so on and you will get to see whitetail deer, black bears and other animals including the trees and flowers of the region.

West Virginia skiing

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Some of the other activities include paddle boarding and biking. West Virginia has some of the best mountain biking trails in the country and you should not miss them. The rugged and rolling mountain terrain includes vast areas of forests, woodlands, and river banks with amazing scenery. While you choose to go biking on your own, there are also guided biking tours.

West Virginia is one of the best places in the United States for adventure travel. So pack your bags and plan your next adventure trip to West Virginia. It is for sure going to be an adventure of lifetime.