Places to See in Rome

Rome is a magnificent city. It is full of historical buildings, museum and churches. There are a number of places to visit in Rome. One such important place is the Colosseum.

This magnificent historical building, now in ruins, tells the story of the great Roman empire. It tells about its past glory, its growth and decline. This place is open to the public after 9 in the morning.

It closes according to the season. It closes very early in winters at 4.30 in the evening. The Imperial Forum is another place to be visited while in Rome. The Imperal Forum was started to be built by Julius Caesar. It is in ruins now. The archaeological department is working on it to make it return to its past glory.

Next to see is the Capitoline Hill. It was an administrative centre. It was also in Ruins till the Papal government ordered Michaelangelo to redevelop it. It is a fine example of elliptic design.

There is also a replica of the emperor Marcus Aurelius. This a a wonderful place to visit for a traveler to the city. The visitors should also go to the Pantheon, it was first a temple, then a church and finally resting place of two of the Italian monarch and the painter, Raphael.

Vatican, the headquarters of the Roman Catholic church is a sovereign state. Many splendid places are there to be seen like the magnificent Basilica and St. Peter’s Piazza. Basilica has a wonderful architecture. It is a symbol of the glory of the Roman Catholic church.

At some point of time here, there is celebration going on. There are thousands who visit the place whenever a religious event is going on there. The Museum at The Vatican stores a number of works which belongs to the Ancient Egyptian, Medieval and Renaissance work.

The museum is a great treasure house of western art and culture. The Vatican is the centre of the Roman Catholic church so apart from the art and architecture, religion is a major factor which drives the travelers to the Vatican.

There is the Hadrian’s museum which is worth a visit. Spanish Steps, Trevi fountain and the Appian way are some of other places which is of tourist interest.



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