Phuket – Pearl of the Andaman Sea

Phuket3 History

In ancient times local inhabitants didn’t suffer from any identity crisis. They believed that those who lived beyond the seas or the mountains were either mysterious gods or mischievous demons.

They didn’t feel the need to give a formal name to the place where they lived. They believed that theirs was the only place inhabited by people like them. America got its name from the Florentine explorer, Amerigo Vespucci. And Phuket got its name from Tamil-speaking traders from the southern part of India who came to Phuket a thousand years ago.


Making of a beach resort

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island. It is a major tourist attraction in the Southeast Asia, surrounded by the blue waters of the Andaman Sea with glorious beaches and forested hills. Being once a Portuguese colony and also because of China’s overwhelming influence in this area, Phuket has inherited a hybrid culture from these two diverse civilizations.  It is amply reflected in the island’s emergence as an entertainment hub and the Sino-Portuguese architectural style in some of its buildings.


Tourist attractions

What attract the tourists most is the island’s natural beauty and the novel way it is being exploited by the tourism industry by providing tourists efficient infrastructure for making their visit an unforgettable experience.  Its sandy and sun-drenched beaches allure tourists to plunge into the sea, and they enjoy doing that immensely, recent Tsunami notwithstanding.

Tourists adore Phuket for its forested hills, coconut groves, rubber plantations, alluring coastline with fun-filled beaches and, perhaps to top everything else, its eating joints offering delicious seafood delicacies!


Diverse landscapes

What is also unique of Phuket, unlike many other beach resorts elsewhere, is that each of its beach has a special charms. Cliffs and wooded hills separate them from each other. What are common to all the beaches are the sea waves lapping their shores and tourists having a good time.

Hire a car or motorbike and drive along the coastal road. You will be amazed at the wonderful landscapes low-rise green hills, vast stretches of paddy fields shaking their tops in gentle sea breeze on one side and an abundance of glorious sandy beaches on the other.

What you mustn’t miss

Tourists – even those who aren’t exactly water babies – adore Patong for its vivacious nightlife. There is a very brief dull spell of non-activity when the sun lovers and swimmers return to their resorts to have their lunch and siesta. They wake up after the sun goes down and get ready for their evening bash at any of the restaurants, bars and discos.


Phuket’s shopping opportunities are irresistible. Even those who aren’t fond of shopping in their own country, turn avid – at least window – shoppers here. It abounds with a great variety of exotic village markets selling local handicrafts, jewelry and beachwear. Western style shopping malls don’t blend with Phuket’s ambience.


Varieties of accommodation are available in Phuket – from Sheraton to beach huts – offering special tariff. Check websites, select one that you like after negotiating rates and pay on departure.

Have a good time

Don’t delay your departure for this enchanting island. Come here soon and have a good time!