Must See Places In Syria

 tourist attractions in syria Syria is one of the hotspot destinations where the continent of Asia is concerned. If you are considering visiting any of the places in the continent, then don’t forget to check out the travel itinerary of Syria.

The beautiful and extraordinary country has a lot to offer its tourists with. There are innumerable attractions all over the place that will definitely take you off your feet!

This Middle East country is something that you shouldn’t miss out on if you are a traveler at heart! You can even consider visiting three intoxicating countries of Syria, Lebanon and Turkey together. Whether you are in Syria for a week or more, there is no limit to the sightseeing places in the country.

There are some major cities that call for your presence when it comes to the exotic Syria. Make sure that you give a good amount of time to your holiday to make the most out of your trip. However, visiting any place firstly calls for a travel itinerary that can be prepared by short listing your priorities.

Here is a simple travel guide that will make you aware about the various attractions in the country and you can pick the ones that best suits your taste and interest-

Attractions Of The Beautiful Syria

Umayyad Mosque, Damascus

One of the ideal places to visit in Syria is the Umayyad Mosque in one of the major cities of Damascus. The place not only has religious importance but is also known for its architecture and culture. This mosque is a star rated attraction because of its vastness and since it is one of the largest ones in the world.

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The designs and sculpture on the walls are something that you just shouldn’t miss out on! You can visit the place any day you are comfortable. The exquisiteness of the mosque is something that will be etched in your memory for a lifetime. The peaceful ambience is another benefit that you have to your credit here at Umayyad Mosque.

Krak des Chevaliers

The place Krak des Chevaliers is also known as the Castle of the Knights is one of its kinds when it comes to crusader castles. The archeology of the place is something that will attract you and compel you to make a visit.

krak des chevaliers

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This attention-grabbing destination is located just near Homs in Syria. The castle is also tagged as one of the finest preserved ones around the globe. Since the place is completely isolated, it calls for some peaceful and relaxed ambience.

Dead Cities

Dead Cities is a must see place if you are planning to holiday in Syria. The name has been given to a couple of villages in the northern region of the country that has only ruins of the ancient roman and Christian civilizations.

Dead Cities syria

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Since there are no inhabitants staying there it is called the Dead Cities. Though completely abandoned, the place is very interesting and reflects the enriched culture and art that prevailed centuries back.


When in Syria, you can consider another beautiful place called the Homs. This city has a lot to offer when it comes to tourist attractions. From the Ommel Zinnar Church to Alnoori Grand Masjid and Khaled ibnul Waleed Masjid, everything is worth seeing because of its timeless beauty.

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Since the city is covered with mountains all over, you can consider interesting activities like camping and hiking. The amazing weather and the natural scenes are some other reasons that will help you include this place in your travel guide.


If you are someone who has a great love and respect for archeology and historical ruins, then visit Palmyra for a change. The ruins you will find here are from the augmented Roman civilization. The destination is surrounded by desert sand from all sides.

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The castle here reflects Arabic culture and the Temple of Bel is another major must see in Palmyra. Along with these there are many historical sculptures here that you can capture in your camera.


As one of the second largest places in the country, it holds a lot of importance where tourism is concerned. The ancient look of the city, the various citadels, and the vibrancy of the place are some of the many reasons why you should check in here!


Since scenic beauty is one of the special things Syria has to offer, you will find a lot of it in Aleppo as well.

Saladin’s Castle

This extraordinary place is located just some kilometers from the city of Lattakia. The number of tourists that visit this place every year shows what a favorite it is among people all around the globe.

Saladin’s Castle

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The Castle is totally surrounded by pine trees on all the sides. The place is definitely eye-catching!



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Situated near Hama, the place is all about ancient, rare and unique ruins. The Roman architecture will give you innumerable reasons to click and enhance your talent of photography. Include this place in your Syria travel guide for a gratifying experience!


UNESCO has tagged this place in Syria as one of the world heritage sites. This tag is enough for you to understand the significance of the place and make a sure shot visit when in the country.

Bosra syria

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The archeological site showcases various ruins of Byzantines, Romans and the ancient Muslim eras. A roman theater used by the kings of the past is something that has been preserved beautifully here. Don’t miss out on that!


One of the imperative destinations in Syria as well as the capital of the country, it definitely gives you a lot of grounds to visit. Also, this place is the oldest city that was inhabited by humans in the entire world.

The panoramic view of the city can be seen from the Mount Qasioun.  There are a lot of other tourist destinations here as well, so make sure you spend at least 2-3 days in the city.

Along with these places, you can visit some more in Syria if you have good amount of time in hand. Make sure you extract the maximum experience here in this country while traveling.