Mallorca – A Fascinating Island

Mallorca is an ideal place where you can set off for a few days taking a leave from your work. This place has to offer you relaxation and a great time so that you can rejuvenate yourself while you are away from all the tension and the heck.

There are so many fun activities going on in this place that there is no room for boredom.The fun activities that you can engage yourself in while you are holidaying on this island

Climber’s Paradise – There are amenities for several land based adventures like trekking, horse trekking, rock climbing etc. This island is full of adventurous places like mountain ranges and canyons.

This island happens to be the favorite European island for rock climbing. There is a good amount of limestone rock formation throughout the island.

Climbers face challenges when they decide to take up this sport at this place. If you are an amateur, you can obtain training from professions based over here.

Water Sports – Those who visit islands are known to love water sports. Prior trainings are provided to tourists so that they can accomplish these easily. Cannoning is yet another adventure sport that is practiced over here.

The fundamental behind it sounds pretty easy – you got to follow a canyon or stream downwards. But when it comes to undertaking this sport, it can be quite challenging. You need to pass over waterfalls, gullies, rapids and all sorts of hindrances that come your way.

The vertical walls of this island are 200 meters in height. The waterfalls are as high as 50 meters. Overcoming such conditions can be really challenging and if you can accomplish them successfully, it will prove to be very rewarding. Witnessing these sports can be equally satisfying. The geological and geographical formations of such gigantic canyons are fascinating.

This island accommodates a wide variety of features. They range from quite, lush meadows to fast moving rapids. So you can visit whichever place you want to. The Sierra de Tramuntana range of mountains extends up to 1000 meters. Walk up the mountain after all the surfing to get a different feel of the island.

The island is an ideal place if you are looking for a holiday spot where you can unwind yourself.