Major Attractions In The City Of Venice

Major Attractions In The City Of Venice One of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world is Venice. We usually associate Venice with graceful gondolas and endless canals. Apart from these features the city has much more to offer.

There is something to satisfy every kind of visitor here. One of the most significant monuments here is the Piazza San Marco. It forms the most dramatic part of this city. This is because this Piazza (or square) is bordered by the great church of St. Mark at one side.

The church in itself is renowned for its Romanesque arches and marble work. The Piazza is touted as the central thoroughfare of the city, with every Venetian passing through the square regularly. If you want to get the real feel of the typical sights and sounds that occur in Venice, this would be the place.

If it is art and history that attracts you the most, head straight towards the plethora of art galleries that dot this city. One of the most famous is the Gallerie dell’ Accademia. It houses the works of several prominent painters, especially from the early centuries. Its reputation extends, in fact, to the whole of Italy. Other important galleries are the Bac Art Studio, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and Contini, amongst others.

Major Attractions In The City Of Venice

One of the things that Venice is known for is its large array of wine. Venice is considered amongst the best in wine production. And hence, a visit to the city would be incomplete without a glance at the vineries, the process of wine making, and also sampling some of the world’s finest wines. You could pick up a tip or to regarding selecting fine wine.

There have been several noteworthy musicians that have emerged from Venice. The biggest name amid them is Antonio Vivaldi. For those attracted to the Baroque school of music, that Vivaldi specialized in, you can take advantage of the performances of the La Fenice and the Venice Baroque Orchestra. If you want to try something else out, you can try going to the St. Mark’s Church that conducts some concerts as well.

Major Attractions In The City Of Venice

When visiting a new place, it is always advisable to get a feel of the local cuisine. Venetian food has a great diversity in their fare. Their food is demarcated according to the region it comes from: the coastal areas, the mountains, and finally the little charming towns and villages. You may consider giving the usual pasta a miss when here. However, do not forget to miss their authentic form of ice cream called gelato made extremely fresh ingredients that is softer than any frozen dessert.

Lastly, if you want to let you hair down and party, there is no better venue than the Carnevale at Piazza San Marco. It is flaunted as being the largest attended masque ball in the world, with locals and tourists giving intricate masks and costumes a shot. Private balls are also held by natives. The Carnevale has become an epitome of celebration in the world with its pomp and splendor.

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