Magnificent Beauty Of Nepal In A Nutshell

Nepal is a small south Asian country surrounded by India, and China. It is beautifully placed in the lap of mountain Himalaya; this amazing landscape has a lot to offer to its tourists. Its rich topographical grandeur nestles eight of the ten tallest mountains including the highest one on earth i.e. Mount Everest.

From age old time it holds a lot of fancy to the world travelers who particularly love mountaineering. Mount Everest is located about 8,848 meters above the sea level on Nepal China border. In Nepali language it is called Sagarmatha, which means the goddess mother of earth.

Besides Everest, Nepal also cuddle more than 200 odd peaks with an average altitude of 6,500 meters above sea level. Other than mountains which are no doubt the major attraction in Nepal, it also has the Splendor of lustrous forests, exotic flora and fauna, torrential rivers, snow deserts and a number of sacred places which has important religious values.

Most part of this small democratic country is still very much Virgin and undiscovered. Its breathtaking picture postcard views are worth visiting for every travel enthusiast. Some of the well -known travel destinations in Nepal are Kathmandu, Everest, Lumbini, Annapurna Circuit and Sanctuary, Chitwan National park. Other than these Nepal has a long list of other such popular tourist destinations to witness its natural treasure and rich cultural heritage.

Kathmandu, the national capital of Nepal is a stunning valley and it is best known for its cultural heritage which showcase a large number of artistic palaces and shrines. Its magnificent architecture epitomize the great Newar civilization, who used to be the indigenous inhabitant of the valley. Adjacent Patan, Bhaktapur, Panauti, Kirtipur also display great monuments of historical importance which are declared as the world heritage site by UNESCO.

Everest, the tallest peak is a major tourist attraction. It’s like Mecca to all trekking lovers. It is in Sagarmatha national park in eastern Nepal. On the way one could have the panoramic view of great Himalayan range along with its other majestic peaks. This adventurous journey would come across a number of beautiful monasteries and Sherpa villages on its way. One could have a glance at the great Yeti, in this trekking attempt.

Lumbini is the famous pilgrimage of Buddhists all over the world. It is the birth place of great Gautam Buddha. This tranquil city has a number of ancient monasteries, palaces, holy pond and Bodhi tree which witnessed the presence of that divine soul.
Annapurna circuit is one of the world’s best known treks.

One could witness 5,830 meters high “Thorung La” Pass. This long stiff trail poses a challenge for every trekker who loves adventure very much. Besides this “The Kali Gandaki gorge” is there which is believed to be the deepest river gorge on a mountain terrain. Although extreme weather condition and altitude sickness are the common phenomenon here but breathtaking beauty of the surrounding glaciers and small pocketed meadows pacify every discomfort. This extraordinarily beautiful circuit is best for nature lovers from an adventure point of view.

Chitwan National Park is the first national park of Nepal which spreads across an area of 932 square kilometers, is also a world heritage site declared by UNESCO. It is home to most of the indigenous species of flora and fauna which are not found elsewhere on the earth. It caters about 44 species of mammal, 540 species of bird and 65 species of butterfly in its habitat. It is an absolute see for every nature lover who wants to have a glimpse at the majestic endangered species of Bengal Tiger and Rhinoceros here.


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