Luxury Camping Destinations

Luxury camping is no ordinary camping. It is that type pf camping where the campers get the chance of sleeping under the stars, waltzing in the light of the campfires and feeling nature from close without forgoing any of the modern amenities.

Here are 10 such luxury camping sites that the luxury campers rate as the best.

1.    Abercombie and Kent, Jordan

Jordan is a country that invokes the tales of the Biblical times and Lawrence of Arabia. And with Abercombie and Kent Strongholds and Desert Camps, you can also enjoy the life in desert, but in luxury. It is actually a full camping expedition including trip to the Dead Sea and Petra.

After the day’s adventure, the adventurers get to cool their heels at the village lodges or in the Bedouin style tents. These tents are the finest that one can get. The whole atmosphere is of luxury with fine linen, soft Arabian rugs and pillows; the tents are lit by candles and each of the tents has their own private toilets.

2.    Greystoke Mahale, Tanzania

From the desert to the forests, luxury camping continues with Greystoke Mahale. It is located in the jungles by the Lake Tanganyika. The forest behind is home to no less than nine primate species. The camp site consists of six thatched huts which are locally called Bandas.

greystoke mahale

These special huts facing the lake and in the backdrop of the forest, provide private bathroom with strong showers of hot and cold running water, a dressing room and a chill-out deck in the upper storey. Each one has a short broad walk of its own.

3.    Eco Camp, Chile

The Eco Camp is located in the Chilean Patagonia, the place people call wild. The main objective of the camp is not to disturb this wilderness and give the visitors a feel of the Kawesqar nomads who once lived there. The camp consists of igloo shaped tents set just beneath the towering Andes within the Torres del Paine National Park.

Eco Camp, Chile

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The view itself is worth spending the night there. Each of these dome tents have electricity, own waste recycler, low emission wood stove for keeping warm and private bathrooms. The dining domes give a 360 degree panoramic view of the wonderful landscape.

4.    Global Expeditions, Arizona, USA

Global Expeditions, Arizona is associated with arranging camping trips tailor made for luxury and enjoyment of the nature. The guests spend their nights in the luxury white canvas tents having their own pine furnishing including queen beds.

Global Expeditions, Arizona, USA

The floors are carpeted and the personal chef prepares multi-course affair for you, according to your choice served in fine china. The camps at Arizona are located near to the Grand Canyon just beneath the snow capped San Francisco Peaks.

5.    El Capitan Canyon, California, USA

This is a premier luxury camping site set on 300 acres of Pacific Ocean front. The forest and beach are easily accessible from the 26 cream colored tents set up on wooden platforms. There are individual fire pits for each of these and the guests can buy full barbeque sets to enjoy the outdoors.

El Capitan Canyon, California, USA

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The tents are furnished with willow beds and bedside lanterns. There are plenty of activities to do from kayaking to hiking. One can also indulge in the massage treatments or refresh with the yoga classes.

6.    The Resort at Paws Up, Montana, USA

Montana is a land of natural beauty with its rivers, hills and lush greenery. The Resort at Paws Up, situated by the Blackfoot River, allows its guests to stay in the midst of this natural bounty and indulge in all outdoor activities possible.

The Resort at Paws Up, Montana, USA

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After which they can relax and rejuvenate themselves at the world class facilities that this luxury camping site has to offer. After pampering oneself at the spa one can simply snuggle up into the bed covered with finest linen. The tents come with their own butler and chef who cook up wonders with local ingredients.

7.    Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts and Spa, Canada

Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts and Spa, located in Clayquot Sound Biospherer Reserve by the Bedwell River in the remote wilderness in the British Columbia provides the ultimate in tent luxury.

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Each of the white canvas luxury tents has its own en-suite bathroom, indoor and outdoor showers, heated floor, thermostat controlled wood stoves, king and queen sized beds, antique dressers, and opulent rugs, tea tables, china and silver accessories, and the list can simply go on and on. The tents can accommodate up to a family of five with small children.

8.    Whitepod, Switzerland

The idea of camping in the snow re-thinking when one gets to Whitepod, hanging high up in the Swiss Alps. The white pods are the geodesic tents that are arranged on the slopes and constructed over wooden platforms. Each of the pods come with its own heating system, own bathroom and eco friendly linen for the beds.

The campsite offers breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps and the skiers get a special treatment at the private ski slopes of the resort. The centrally located chalet is the dining place while the spa treatment at the site soothes the skiers and hikers after their hard day’s work.

9.    Banyan Tree Maldives Madivaru, Maldives

This resort is rated among one of the top resorts in the world. But it is departure from the typical Maldivian resorts which jut out into the sea. They are situated at North Ari Atoll and comprises of 6 villas.

Banyan Tree Maldives Madivaru, Maldives

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Each one of these has its own cluster of three tents for sleeping, living and bathing. The front offers view of the blue lagoon and the backdrop is a rich tropical forest. The white tents have wood flooring and are furnished with teak desks and leather folding chairs. Seclusion is the highlight as only 18 guests can stay at a time on this tiny island.

10.    Voyages Longitude 131, Australia

The Australian outback can be explored in opulence and luxury with the Voyages Longitude 131. Set in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, the colony consists of 15 white, elevated tents each of which offers a unhindered view of the Ayers Rock 24 hours a day.

Voyages Longitude 131, Australia

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These air-conditioned tents offers all the modern facilities including CD players and electrically controlled blinds for the first look of the Ayers Rock in the morning reclining on the bed.