Luxurious South African Cruises

There’s nothing more romantic and exciting than to set on a cruise to see the city through its shoreline. Instead of playing on the beach, you set out on small or big cruise for a mesmerizing view of the sea as well as witness Earth’s most natural beauties that occur each day without fail-sunset and sunrise.

How many of you have been on a cruise? If not, then it’s time to do a little different on your next holiday. Take one of the South African Cruises and have totally different fun-filled vacation with family and friends.

Why South Africa?

It is one of the most beautiful countries with lovely beaches and ports for the ships to sail on untroubled waters. Since it is right at the end of the continent, it has the pleasure to be fenced by two most amazing oceans- Atlantic and Indian. Cape Town is one of the three capitals of South Africahas one of the longest shorelines stretching almost 1500 miles.

Therefore it becomes one of the hot spot destinations to cruise along in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. There are many famous South African cruises that set sail from the port of Cape Town and other major South African cities. Here’s a list of few popular ones that you might want to holiday in.

Lovely Cruise Africa

If you’re looking to sail in style, it has to be with Cruise Africa. One of the most elite cruise ships, Cruise Africa is a delight to be in. beautiful accommodation, so many activities for kids, delicious food and of course stop over at popular destinations. You can visit the website to have a look at itineraries that range from number of days to places it travel.

For example, one of the cruises would start from Cape Town and stop at Richards Bay, Durban and take you all the way to Maputo in Mozambique. Silver Wind is one of the cruises by Cruise Africa which can house almost 300 guests in variety of room categories and price ranges. Enjoy the spa, beauty salon, gym, and library and gamble away in the in-house casino.

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Scintillating Starlight Cruises

If you’re looking for something more extravagant and longer duration, take the Starlight Cruise ships for three to seventeen days for a wonderful experience on sea as well various popular city ports. The two Starlight cruises are MSC Melody and MSC Sinfonia.

Sinfonia is bigger than Melody but both are equally good and worth an experience. Book their cruise ships on great deals. The price you pay includes everything from meals, free activities on board, accommodation, music and live shows and concerts by some famous South African artists.

Ships From Crystal Cruises

Another South African cruise is the Crystal Cruises that go to some of the most interesting places. It starts from the port of Cape Town and takes you all the way to London via Eastern African cities like Namibia, Ghana all the Portugal-London.

It lasts for about 21 days and includes everything from food, music, entertainment and various activities on board.

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