Learn The Teachings Of Bhagwan Rajneesh At The Osho Ashram,Pune

osho-ashramAre you an Osho Rajneesh fan? Do you believe in his teachings and want to learn more of it? Then come to Osho Ashram in Koregoan Park near Pune. Spread over 32 acres of land and lush greenery, it has many forms of meditation specially formulated for the over-stressed and worked-out mind. Massage, workshops and courses are also conducted on a regular basis. It is believed here that awareness of mind, body and soul of yourself and people around is the key to perfect balance of work and life.

You will find many like-minded people, and you can sit and share your experiences, ways to handle problems and come up with solutions etc. You can also try swimming, jogging and walking. More than thousands of people from across 100 countries visit this ashram everyday to find the much-needed break and comfort from hectic life. Greenery and beautiful gardens provide the perfect atmosphere and surroundings for reflection and deep understanding of life and things around. Osho Teerth is one such garden where people gather and know each other. People of all age groups come here.

Osho Natajaraj meditation and Osho dynamic meditation are some of the techniques of handling day-to-day life and stress. Accommodation is provided by the nearby hotels and dormitories. You can easily find one which suits your budget and needs. Or you can stay at the Osho Guest House. Visitors need to undergo an AIDS test before entering the ashram. Nadambraham, Devanani, Gaurishankar, Mandala and Whirling meditation are popularly practiced in the Osha meditation resort.

You can also buy some books, audio CDs and gifts which talk about Osho and his teachings. Work as Meditation Program is a program organized for those who are at the crossroads of life. 8 hours per day and working everyday of the week, this program helps you to understand your true potential and make simple things in life beautiful and interesting. It concentrates on learning and applying. You can simply go the ashram any day of the week and get yourself registered for this program. You can also join the Residential Program.

So come here if you need to understand life and follow Bhagwan Rajneesh’s way of thinking and living. Join the groups, chat with them, make friends and meditate. Or simply sit and feel the fresh air around.

meenakshi nilakantan

  • ravi sunda

    is there any fees required for living in ashram? what are the charges of osho guest house

  • karunakaran m

    i belive in his teaching.

  • Amulya

    I am interested in subscribing Osho Times magazine in digital form as paper form of magazine has been stopped printing since Aug’09.
    pl. tell in details ,also fees in Indian Rupees.

    Jai Osho

  • joozer

    i would to like stay in the ashram or the rest of my life and seek devine blessings so request u two kindly let me know the procedure for that

  • Vishal Sharma

    Please send the details of , if I want to pass my rest life in your respected Ashram.