Laguna Beach resort – Romance rewritten

lagunabeachresort1 A secluded isle that is completely surrounded by corals and reefs that pose a threat to any boat that tries to enter the island, Laguna Beach Resort is a complete haven for those seeking a romantic sea side holiday.

The only way to enter this blissful piece of paradise would be through a carefully constructed gap in between the imposing reefs. Only an experienced boatman would be able to find that mark which is hidden beneath the sea.

Elegant palm groves, secluded sandy white beaches, and the crystal clear turquoise waters that lap your feet and turn a shade of azure, dark green, bluish green and dark blue as you venture out further into the sea. All this awaits you on this resort coupled with some world class facilities and service.

How to get there:- Laguna Beach resort is easily reached by speed boats or the traditional Maldivian boat called ‘Dhoni’. Just a short ride from the airport and you will be set to send some truly blissful days by the beach.

Accommodation:- The resort boasts of providing three ranges of rooms to cater to different classes of tourists. All the rooms have private gardens and overlook the sea. The rooms are tastefully decorated and offer a wide range of amenities like air conditioning, ceiling fans, well stocked mini fridges, IDD telephones, espresso machines, hair dryers and in built safes.

Guests can choose from the superior rooms which come with a bathroom with shower facilities and a private terrace or balcony; individual deluxe bungalows with spacious rooms and outdoor showers; or water suites with luxurious spacing, satellite television, and private sun decks which provide wonderful views of the Indian ocean.

Cuisine:- In Laguna, you are never at a loss for choice of restaurants and bars. The entire island is dotted with various restaurants that offer lip smacking local and international delicacies.

If you want a taste of Asian and Continental food, then we recommend The Summerfields Restaurant which also happens to be the main one and offers either buffet or set meals.

As the name indicates, the Dragon Inn restaurant is decorated in traditional Chinese style and provides excellent oriental meals.

An entire day by the water can make you starved. What better way to enjoy a meal right by the beach than at the Palm Grill restaurant. Located right at the water’s edge, the restaurant offers a wide variety of grilled seafood and meat.

If you crave for fondue (eaten by dipping potions of the food into pots containing cheese, sauce or oil) and flambe (adding liquor to the food and lighting it to impart the flavor of alcohol in the food while the extra liquor burns away) dishes, then Cafe Laguna is where you need to go. The restaurant provides light meals during the day in addition to these special dishes at night.

Class dining is offered at the Four Seasons Restaurant where you get to choose from a wide variety of Mediterranean cuisines in addition to some of the best wines from Italy.

Choose from the Triton bar which is located pool side and offers refreshing cocktails all day long; the Sunset Bar located at the beach for that perfect moment of celebration by the sea; or the Galaxy Music Lounge which is air conditioned and lets you enjoy some drinks in the midst of listening to soothing music.

Inland Activities:- Laguna offers a wide range of facilities that help you enjoy your stay on land. Feel privileged to use the air conditioned gymnasium with some of the latest equipments and an international spa that indulges in ayurvedic and aroma therapy body treatments. The spa comes with its own private steam plunge pool.

In addition to this, there is a large swimming pool with an inbuilt Jacuzzi on a sundeck which provides the perfect location for lazing in the sun.

Trained experts are all over the island and decorate your hand and feet using traditional dye (called ‘Mehendhi’) and if you want to enjoy some sports, there is a flood lit tennis court at your disposal although we recommend booking it in advance.

Water Activities:- The activities on water are not to be left behind and Laguna boasts of  housing a professional diving school complete with the latest diving equipment. The VIT, SSI and PADI certified instructors make sure your diving experience is exceptional and take you to some of the most cherished dive sites in the world where you can get to view the fantastic underwater life.

Snorkeling is also popular and the island’s private lagoon is the perfect place for spotting colorful corals and fishes.

The other activities include: wind surfing, canoeing, catamaran sailing, glass bottom boat riding, and fishing (including night fishing).

Excursions are also arranged by the resort staff to nearby islands and some of the notable excursions include : island hopping; discovering uninhabited islands in the region; sunset cruising: sailing between islands as the sun sets over the horizon; a tour of the capital (Male); and snorkeling tours to other islands and reefs.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this splendid opportunity to celebrate with your loved ones. Fly away to the romantic haven of Laguna Beach Resort and leave the rest of the world behind as you get engulfed by sheer ecstasy.

fathima abubakr