La Moda di Milano

Milan-fashion Milan and Fashion – the association is instant. Like the extreme speeds of trend transmutation, the city undergoes breakneck changes every minute, ranking as one of the top richest cities of Europe. A charismatic city, there are good chances you might want to pack in the best of your wardrobe for a call to Milan. Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, Guccio Gucci, Nina Ricci. The entire constellation of fashion luminaries started their creative journey here.

Milan has excellent transportation services to support its fast paced lifestyle. Punctual and strategically positioned bus stations, trams and a well-networked metro system ensure silvery transport efficiency.

So you want to window shop, maybe even splurge a wee bit. Via Monte Napoleone has the status of being the most stylish streets of Milan. Get as fast as you can to the affordable Corso Vittorio Emanuele Street. There are shops and shops that cast a spell on every passer-by. Corso Vercelli is also another shopping zone when you want to get away from the main city buzz. Then there is Via della Spiga, Via Manzoni, Via Santo Spirito to let go of your shopperholic self.

If one is talking style and fashion, one of the most elite ways of spending an evening in Milan would be at the Brera area. Artists sipping on powerful coffee engrossed in opinionated discussions, warm lights streaming out from discerning boutiques. In many ways Brera echoes the loveliness of Paris with its artist population and street coffee tables.

There are constant events and gatherings that take place in the city, and the best way to get an updated insight to them would be at the Milan Tourist Information Offices. Dates and cultural events facilitate your travel scheduling.

The Milanese lifestyle is expensive yes, but delightfully contagious! Wine cellars, lounge bars, pubs and cafés are sprawled all over the city. You can see the most eccentric and bizarre to the hilarious and loudest decor of hangouts. Excitement is the order of the day and the locals make sure everyday has something new to offer. You can sit at a music bar and enjoy a martini or blush romantically in an amorous cozy restaurant.

Wake-up, sightsee, dine and nap. For those who care to do it in style, Milan will welcome you with arms wide open.