Krakow – Cultural Capital of Poland

Krakow is an ancient city located in Poland. It has the honour of being a World Heritage place of UNESCO.

This huge city is a great attraction to tourists and locals equally. Found on the banks of River Vistula, southern Poland, it is decked with greenery and soothing sites of nature.

This city is home for some traditional art and culture. By 16th century the natives turned their interest in art into occupation. By gradually gaining proficiency, they were able to create a permanent place for Krakow in the world of commerce.

Its importance in the economical field can be measured from the fact that about 20 MNCs are set up here like IBM, Google etc. A city which is home for than &.5 million people has only 4.8% unemployment, which is really remarkable. Thus Krakow dominates Poland’s economy.

Krakow’s natural beauty can be related to the pleasant climate it has. Neither summers nor winters are harsh. Summers sway between 15-20 degrees where as winters are around 5 degrees. The sun blazes from June to August and winters set in from November. Temperature drops below freezing level during winter nights, making it difficult to get out.

For those who really want to experience art and culture of Poland, they need to visit Krakow once. Around 7 million people take a tour into this cultural centre of the country. You will be treated with some architectural master pieces like the Market Square and the National Art Museum.

There are other Museums dedicated to different forms of art and heritage. Walk into any of the famous theatres to get a taste of their performing art which is appreciated worldwide. Make it a point o visit the Plenty Park to see a huge range of botanical beauties.

Football has great popularity in this city and the most supported club is Wisla Krakow, but there are other clubs as well.

When you plan to visit this beautiful city, all you need to do is call your regional travel agency or even book online. The airport itself will tell you how hospitable this city is. You will find various facilities all through the day.



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