Kotor – A Paradise on the Adriatic Coast

Kotor is a stunningly beautiful ancient town in Montenegro’s Adriatic Coast.

The medieval ramparts that were built to protect it from invaders are now a major tourist attraction. Equally attractive are the many well-preserved old monuments such as ancient churches, imposing cathedrals and medieval buildings with baroque windows.

It is a wonderful experience to stroll along the town’s narrow and winding cobblestone streets lined with pavement bistros, restaurants, bars and boutiques. The town has several lively piazzas bustling with activities. For its historical and cultural significance UNESCO gave Kotor the status of a World Heritage Site.

This picturesque town lies at the foot of Mount Lovcen facing the serene Bay of Kotor. The waterfront is an interesting place with its fish markets, little shops, cafes and bars. Spend some time there enjoying your favorite drink and watching sailing boats cruising on the blue waters of the Bay.

The town’s ramparts go up to the St Ivan Fortress, some 260 meter above the sea level. Your efforts of climbing up will be amply rewarded when you view the Bay and the town from there.

The 12th century Cathedral of Saint Tryphon with double bell towers is one of the most recognizable structures. There are several important historic structures inside the town such as the 8th century Clock Tower, 12th century Church of Saint Luka, 12th century Saint Mary’s Church, 15th century Church Gospe od zdravlia, 17th century Prince’s Palace and 19th century Napoleon Theater.

The main town square is inside the fortified town where several business houses, banks, offices, shops and restaurants are located. Towards the mountains, also within the town, are houses where the local people live.

There are a few ancient villages perched on the Bay’s banks and also between the steep slopes of the mountain. Picturesque Perast is one of them. Its architectural style is very Venetian with ornate Baroque palaces, Catholic and Orthodox churches, defensive towers and several magnificent dwelling houses – all built in stone. Russian Czars and Venetian Princes used to come here to refine their sailing skills. Hordes of discerning tourists now come here to have a good time!

The Adriatic Motorway connects Kotor to the rest of the coast and inland Montenegro. It is only a half-an-drive from Budva, the country’s top tourist destination. Tivat airport is hardly three miles from the town. Flights to Belgrade and Zurich are regular. Dozens of chartered planes bring hundreds of travelers everyday during the summer.

Various types of hotels are available – budget to luxury. Those close to the Old Town are very popular. Fjord and Splendido are the leading hotels with good views of the Bay. The local people often rent their places. These are usually good and it is great to interact with them. While moving around the town you will see many signs like Room, Zimmer and Sobe, inviting paying-guests.

For a splendid holiday come to Kotor – a veritable paradise on the Adriatic Coast.