Unveil History of Jews in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, the city is the religion and spiritual capital of the Jewish community. The city strikes a special not in the hearts of the visitors. The ambience of the city, the mountains surrounding it, the winds and the light it faces all contribute towards making Jerusalem a special city. The city carries in its core a long history.

Even now, the memories of primordial Jerusalem are still alive in the heart of Jewish population. The stories and epitomes of city’s struggle and sacrifices are still remembered all across the world. The city can easily be called as the city of legends. The city, being a historical site is the home to many historically important sites. The artefacts of past are discovered and arranged to interact with the city’s daily life and become a part of it.

The historical sites present in East of Jerusalem should be the first to start with. Saladin street is nearby the Ministry of Justice and the same can be visited. Also, the shopping street, Az-Zahra Street is the perfect destination to shop for antique clothes and books dedicated to history of Jerusalem. Restaurant serving the special dishes of are scattered along this street. The street leads to the museum, Rockefeller museum.

Mount of Olives has six churches and the oldest cemetery. Move to right to view the tombs of the Prophets, which are the burials of Malachi, Haggai and Zechariah. The common belief is that in Mount of Olives, the restoration of the dead occurs.

Mosque of the Ascension is the place where Jesus rose to heaven. This place is managed by Muslims and they believe Jesus to be a Muslim Prophet. The Mosque can be entered by taking permission.

Church of Pater Noster is the place where Jesus educated the pupil on the Lord ’s Prayer. The tiles on the walls of the church have prayers inscribed on them in 44 languages.

These are the main places to visit in Jerusalem. The city has many other historical places worth visiting and one has to have ample of time to see them all. The Jewish history unfolds in from of the visitors while visiting Jerusalem. All in all, the place is a jewel to explore the Jewish history.