Jade Mountain Luxury Redefined

Jade Mountain resort on the island of St. Lucia has a distinct advantage over many other luxurious resort of the island and that is it’s location. Spread over 600 acres, with two beautiful beaches on either side, and coral reefs to boot, the resort offers majestic view of the mountains, Piti and Gros Piton, over the Caribbean sea.
Don’t expect the traditional suites, instead what you will experience is staying in a huge space where bedroom, living room and an infinity pool mix into each other to create an ambiance of pure luxury.

To provide an unobstructed view of the mountains and the sea, there is no fourth wall!Known as the sanctuaries, the clusters of rooms are devoid of any gadgetry, there are no phones, no radios, no TV so you can instead connect with nature in all its glory.

There are 24 infinity pool sanctuaries that are further divided into star, sun, moon and galaxy depending upon their sizes, however all the sanctuaries provide the breathtaking view of the sea. In addition to the sanctuaries, there are jacuzzi suites which are duplex and in place of an infinity pool has a jacuzzi tub.

For the pleasures of your palate, you can walk over to the Celestial Terrace. The moonlit sky and the shooting stars above and the blue ocean below with tantalizing treats to choose from… sure make for an exquisite evening.

You can also try their vegetarian restaurant Emerald’s and their Jungle Grill to have a relaxing meal. to add a little variety, you just have walk down to many other hillside and beach-side options.

Your experience at Jade Mountain resort would not be complete if you don’t indulge in their refreshing and rejuvenating spa treatments based on the traditional ayurvedic therapies. The best part is you can try them in the privacy and comfort of your own sanctuary.

Especially for the couples, done leave the resort without trying their special The Alchemy for two treatment which includes a relaxing hot bath, full body massages, anointment of special elixirs on your energy points.

Complimentary yoga classes and fitness options are also available.  Also, you can opt for the jogging and hiking trails spread across this beautiful 600 acre estate.

The two beaches are an essential part of the jade mountain resort and are an excellent spot for honeymooners, snorkelers, nature lovers, scuba divers, bird watchers and for those looking for some peace and quiet.

Jade Mountain resort is the perfect getaway for one all… admire the scenic beauty all around you, indulge in some exotic caribbean cuisine, refresh at the spa, and relax in the lap of luxury!