Italian rendezvous – your own way!

rome_italy Italy, and the spring and first love – all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy – said the great philosopher Bertrand Russell. This European Mediterranean country features on the wish list of any ardent traveler. The place is a favorite destination especially for honeymooners, as it offers everything that one can dream of for spending a romantic getaway.

The country with its bouquet of regions like Valle d’Aosta, Alto Adige, Lombardia, Toscana, and Sicilia satiates almost every kind of tourists. From quaint little villages, to the National Parks, the casinos, and the churches, it has the perfect blend. Italy has a series of festivals through out the year, thus making it easier for the tourist to plan the time of his trip.

For tourists who have a penchant for historical places and history, many museums like the Uffizi Museum (Florence), Egyptian Museum (Turin), Roman Civilization Museum (Rome), The Aquarium (Genoa), Turin’s National Cinema Museum, Milan’s Science and Technology Museum, and Turin’s Automobile Museum – to name a few, would be worth a visit.

Another interesting event is the Palio horse race, which is a reminder of the medieval times. Held in Siena, at the Piazza del Campo, it is an inter-district horse race.

For the food enthusiasts, it’s not only about pastas and good wine. Rather, they can enjoy a wide range of delectable dishes at the various food festivals that serve them with gastronomical delights. October’s second Sunday is a special day, as it is wine that comes out from the Tivoli fountains. In June, truffle is not only harvested but celebrated as well.

Art lovers may plan their trip during August and September. Two of the most popular festivals- the Venice Film festival and the Festival dei Due Mondi, take place during this time of the year – making it all the more attractive to plan your sojourn to coincide with these events. And for those planning some sporty actions, there is the Italy Grand Prix.

So, come to this enchanting land and get enchanted!