Istanbul Travel

Let’s have a peek into the biggest cities of Turkey, Istanbul, also known as Constantinople.  It  has a special place in history as it has been a centre for trade, commerce, culture and civilization. Being in the western side of Turkey, it’s found half in Europe and Half in Asia.

Once a dominant centre of power and commerce, this city is now home to a beautiful blend of history and modernity. It is loaded with clubs, bars, art galleries that will entertain the visitors.

The most attractive part about Istanbul is the fine mixture of European and Asian cultures which lures tourists from around the world. The city’s climate is similar to that generally found all over Turkey. The summers have high humidity, where as winters receive frequent snowfall accompanied with strong cold winds. Thus the best time to visit Istanbul is early and late summers.

Istanbul has held a dominant position in Turkish history and continues to do so. Walk into the Grand Bazaar or the Egyptian Bazzar and you will be swept away by the huge variety of things at sale, ranging from garments to silk, carpets, antiques, spices, gems and so on. These two are the covered market places dating back to 16th and 17th century.

As it’s known as the city of monuments, Istanbul is home for some gigantic towers, mosques and museums. Topkapi Palace, St. Sophia Museum , the Blue Mosque, Underground Cistern, Suleymaniye Mosque, Galata Tower, The Archeology Museum, the Golden Horn etc are the must visit spots for any visitor coming to Istanbul.

Book yourself a local tour package or take a personal guide to go around the city. To top all the shopping and sightseeing, you have will be satisfied to the brim by the amazingly delicious and unique dishes of Istanbul.

The city is a fore runner even in the field of education. So you will come across many foreign students around. It holds 20 reputed universities along with the 600 years old Istanbul University and the Istanbul technical University.
Istanbul is not far behind even in sports. Holding the country’s biggest stadium, Ataturk, it supports football and volleyball. Sports lovers will be familiar with the very famous F1 Turkish Grand Prix.



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