Ideal Time For A Trip To Mauritius

From mesmerizing landscapes to wild nightlife, from exciting wildlife to serious cultural grounds, Mauritius has it all. However, if you want to enjoy Mauritius to the fullest, you must visit it at the right time. Generally, the Mauritius weather is sunny, but as it lies in the tropical region, you can expect some extreme weather conditions and tropical cyclones in certain periods of the year.

December and January are the two months when the Mauritius weather stays most humid and hot. The temperature ranges from 30 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius, though the higher regions of the inland may be relatively cooler. The high breeze makes the weather a bit more comfortable, especially in the evening.

The chances of rain are high in this season. Generally, the rain and thunderstorms form around and after 2pm. It may stay for hours, though the chances of that is less in the western parts of the country.

So, if you are visiting Mauritius in this time of the year, take with you light and loose fitting summer clothes. Don’t forget to bring water resistant suncream to prevent from getting over burnt. In fact, you should always keep the sun cream as Mauritius is extremely sunny most of the time.

February and March is the time for profuse rainfall in Mauritius. The temperature remains high while the humidity reaches the extreme level at times. The possibilities of tropical cyclone and heavy thunderstorms increase as well. So, this is not really the ideal Mauritius weather that you may want to experience.

The extremities of weather in Mauritius start to calm down by April. By the end of this month, the chances of thunderstorms reduce greatly, and the weather becomes relatively cooler. However, May is the best time to visit Mauritius. The temperature will hover between 28 degrees to 19 degrees Celsius. You will find bright sunny days, though by end of May, the weather turns a bit windier.

Winter in Mauritius begins in June, and July and August are the coolest months here. However, the temperature does not fall below 12 degrees Celsius at any case. The day remains sunny with high wind and occasion showers.

The Mauritius weather becomes cozy in September and October with the mercury remaining within 16 and 26 degrees. The winds slow down, and the day remains dry and sunny. However, the temperature starts rising as November approaches.