How To Visit Nairobi

How To Visit Nairobi Nairobi is the metropolitan capital city of a great vacation country named Kenya. It has variety of things and activities to offer its tourists who come from all around the globe to have fun holiday.

Over the time, this African city has gradually climbed up on the list of “most visited tourist destination in the world”. To visit any place, you need to do an extensive research about the place, how to get there and things to do and see. This article just does that. It lets you know how to visit Nairobi.

History of Nairobi

The foundation of Nairobi was laid back in the 1899. It was not meant to be a capital but just a rail connection between Mombasa and Uganda. It was one of the colonies of the British and also became the capital of the East African colonies of Britain. However, after driving out the colonial rule of Britain, Kenya became the proud capital.

History of Nairobi

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Nairobi, also known as Green City under the Sun because of the lush green valleys and many exotic villas, is one of the well connected cities to reach. The name Nairobi meaning “place of cool waters” comes from the Maasai phrase.

How to Get to Nairobi

Being the capital of Kenya, Nairobi is definitely a commercial African city which is very well connected by other major cities of the world. All the major international airlines have regular flights to the very busy Jomo Kenyatta International Airport not very far from the main center roughly about 15 kilometers which is a fair enough distance considering today many airports are built outside the main city.

There is another airport about 11 kms from the south of the city called the Wilson Airport only for passengers traveling domestic flights. Getting to the airport is easy by taking taxis which are in abundance.

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If you’re traveling in a tight budget, Kenya offers a very well connected train route. If you’re a foreigner and plans to visit other Kenyan cities like Mombasa Kisumu, then there are hundreds of trains every week that to and fro from the Nairobi Railway Station to other small and big cities.

Choose from the three types of class tickets varying in prices of course. Another a very good transportation option in Nairobi is the bus. Take bus from any part of Kenya and you could easily reach Nairobi without having to spend too much. Boats are also available and connect you to very few cities like Lamu and Mombasa.

Mode of Transportation Within Nairobi

Like mentioned before, Nairobi is the commercial hub of Kenya therefore you have many people from the country and outside come visit Nairobi every day. A great capital city’s one of the main infrastructure is transportation.

Transportation Within Nairobi

Nairobi in this case has been very ahead with many types of modes of transport available for common man. Choose from buses, trains, taxis and matatu. Tourists can simply hop around the city by paying very little for conveyance.

We all know African countries are a little unsafe to walk alone during the night. Always read travel guides or talk to locals to know about the restricted places for tourists or places you shouldn’t visit at night just for your own safety.

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