How To Travel To Togo, Africa

How To Travel To Togo, Africa Togo is a very small country which is located in the western part of the African continent. The economy of the continent is very stagnant. The family which is currently ruling this country has been in reign since past forty years.

The official language spoken here is French. Although Ewe and Mina are also spoken quite commonly here. It is not a very popular tourist destination due to the scarce tourism related services. Tourism is restricted to Lome which is the capital of Togo.

The Formalities Of the Embassy

In case you are planning to visit Togo, you should inform the embassy of the country so that they can keep you informed about the various security announcements which might be crucial for your trip.

If you will be signed up with the embassy, they will also help you in times of emergency by informing your family and friends. The embassy offers a Smart Traveler Enrollment Program which helps the tourists in times of need. It is advisable to sign the program for safety reasons.

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For entering the country of Togo, you will be required to present your passport as well as visa. Tourists are suggested to acquire their visas well beforehand instead of acquiring them on airport of Lome. You might have to face a number of difficulties while obtaining visas from Lome.

Thus, to avoid these difficulties it is better to obtain your visa well in advance. In case you are traveling to Togo from The United States of America, you can apply for it online only without any hassles. You also need to be vaccinated against the deadly yellow fever before you enter Togo.

Safety and Security Measures

Togo has been witnessing a number of criminal incidents since past few years. The basic reason for increased crime in the country is the rising inflation and scarcity of food. Especially the United States citizens should be very careful after it gets dark.

They are advised to avoid visiting places like public beaches, the roads along the beach side, the border areas of Ghana and Togo, etc. Even if you want to visit the beaches during day time, you should only visit the beaches which are properly equipped with security measures.

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The Grand Marche is suggested to be avoided by the citizens of the United States. You should be very cautious while walking on the road keeping your bags, wallets and other valuable stuff safe. When you are traveling in a taxi do not share it with any stranger. Do not indulge yourself in any kind of altercation and try to avoid any kind of unnecessary conversations with strangers.

Don’t travel with much cash on the roads and don’t wear any jewellery items. Keep yourself updated with the help of the website of the embassy of the country which provides information on the most recent frauds in Togo. Also tourists are suggested not to buy any kind of counterfeited goods or goods which are pirated even though they are easily available.

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