How To Travel Africa With Children

How To Travel Africa With Children Who said you cannot travel Africa with kids? Africa is a wonderful continent that offers to its tourists a wide range of activities, from small to old; everyone can have a really good time touring some great African countries.

The African Continent is full of lakes, rivers, beautiful beaches, great wild life parks, sanctuaries and not forgetting the warm and friendly local people. The tourism in Africa is improving each year attracting millions from all over the world. A wild life lover would give no second thoughts to a lovely vacation amidst rain forests and natural beauty.

What makes Africa so special for kids? Africa offers several activities for kids like trekking, going on wild safaris, play on the beaches or simply enjoy being in the nature. However there are many points of safety that you have to consider before taking your kids along. It is always better to keep precautions than to be sorry later. Here’s a list of things that you should do when you’re traveling with children to Africa so that you can have a fun-filled family holiday.

Visit a Doctor before Going to Africa

As we all know that Africa housessome of the dangerous diseases like Malaria. Therefore, always take your child to the doctor to get him/her some anti-malarial injections. There are some medicines which are not good for small kids. Try selecting an Africa country for holiday which are free or maybe less prone to such illnesses. Countries like South Africa, Egypt and Jordan are very well taken care of in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Always check on the internet and doctors about certain vaccinations which are mandatory for you and kids to take before going to Africa.

Choose the Right Hotel

Going to an African country mean you need to book an accommodation with facilities like baby-sitting and lots of children activities. Hotels should be clean and hygienic. Make sure you have the right documents to support that you are the parents and would be fully responsible of your child.

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Many wild life safaris have age limit which means you might have to leave your child at the hotel. Make sure you are satisfied with the hotel staff so that you can give them the authority to look after your child in your absence. Involve children in activities like swimming, playing in the park or simply put them in an in-house play area.

Pack Traveling Essentials for Your Child

Every child needs to fully get her/him involved in any activity you do as a family. It becomes quite messy when you just have one camera or binoculars. It just leads to fight as to which one gets to view what and when. Therefore every child needs one camera/binocular each so that there’s peace in the jeep as well as keeps them interested during the entire safari experience.

What to Pack for Your Child?

Some of the packing essentials for children when they travel to Africa are summer clothes which are of neutral colors as too bright colors may attract any wild animal to attack or disrupt your safari ride. Keep sun blocks to keep the strong rays of the sun away to avoid heat strokes or dehydration. Encourage your child to drink lots of water. Make them wear hats and sunglasses to avoid the sun.

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