How To Pack For A Honeymoon

how to pack for a honeymoon The couple is so caught up in the wedding preparations that they really forget to plan their honeymoon in a systematic way. There are a lot of things important to know while you’re packing for a honeymoon. Here’s a list of things that can be a helpful guide to how to pack for a honeymoon.

Where are you Honeymooning?

Beach Honeymoon Destination

Your honeymoon destination is really important to decide what to pack. If you’re headed to a nice beach for some lovely tan then you better pack light. All you need is few bikinis, nice comfy shorts for the guy, sun block, lip balms and a couple of formal dresses for both so that you can enjoy nice formal romantic dinner under the moonlight.

Going to a beach means a lot of beach wears shopping from the local markets. For instance, if you’re going to Thailand then you have a wide variety of printed sarongs, bikinis and shorts to buy. They come very cheap. So why pack when you can easily buy from there.

beach honeymoon destinations

Girls avoid carrying too much makeup. It’s your honeymoon and not a fashion show. Of course you always want to look attractive but say no to foundation. Black kohl, compact and a lip gloss should be good to go.

Cold Honeymoon Location

A could destination is my favorite pick for honeymoon couples. It’s all cozy and warm. You can stay in each other’s arms for the most part of your honeymoon. It requires a lot of packing if you’re planning to go skiing or hilly areas.

Warm clothes, moisturizers, lip balms, stoles and warm hats to keep the cold air from you. Cold climate can dry out your skin and make your hair frizzy. Make sure you carry your shampoo and conditioner. Girls do not carry too much make-up. Cold climate gives you a nice pink skin so you don’t need foundation.

Cold Honeymoon destination

A lip gloss is all you need to keep your luscious lips glowing. Keep a lot of warm jackets for both of you. Carry just two pair of jeans each. Cold regions really do not dirty your clothes that much. A nice pair of sunglasses is good for the day. Women can carry fashionable cloaks, shawls and hats for that stylish honeymoon pictures.

Modern City Destination for Honeymoon

Are you going to London or Dubai for honeymoon? Choosing a city to spend time with each other can be a lot of fun. City offers you a lot of options to keep yourself engaged apart from making love. Visit the discos, pubs and lounges. Go shopping in famous malls.

Destination for Honeymoon

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Therefore make sure you pack some chic clothes and dresses for both of you. A cosmopolitan city demands and welcomes well dressed people. Make sure you check with the climate. If it’s hot carry comfy cool clothes and less makeup. If you choose London then make sure you have clothes for the evening parties, day hopping and some for rainy weather, thanks to the erratic weather there.

Check with Your Airline

You should know how much your airline allows you to carry. That really helps to pack. If you’re ready to pay excess baggage then there is no problem but if you don’t then make sure you pack the “essentials” first before you go on to the extras.

It’s always good if you travel light, minimal clothes and shoes. Airlines are very strict with the weight nowadays. Just pack in stuff you need. Weigh the luggage before you head to the airport. You don’t want the airline staff to put your stuff in garbage.

Other important things to pack for your honeymoon are first aid kits, important medicines that you both take and not to forget safety measures to have a safe love making in your honeymoon unless you both are in a hurry to plan a family. Have a happy time honeymooning.

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