How to avoid motion sickness?

motion-sickness Motion sickness is a common phenomenon in adults as well as children and is caused due to a lot of reasons. Here, a person feels sick or nauseous when travelling. It might be during your air travel or travelling by train or bus, mostly because you are not used to it. The brain receives mixed signals from the ears and eyes and hence is confused as to how to react at times, leading to dizziness or a weird feeling.

It is advisable to take plenty of rest before travelling. Sleep well before getting ready for your travel. Have lighter meals and avoid fatty food, which may cause a nauseous feeling. Have lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. Always try to sit at a comfortable place, for example near the window in a train or in the middle when travelling by bus. If you are in a car, sit in the passenger seat and keep the window open to take in some fresh air. Avoid standing. Try to take rest in case you feel sick, or simply concentrate on one thing. Listen to some soothing music. Deep breathing is also beneficial.

Avoid alcohol and smoking. Also, stay away from people who smoke. Consult your doctor for medicines and always take ginger along, which will help in combating motion sickness. Chew on some mint chocolates or peppermint. Practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis if you are prone to motion sickness. Try to position your body upright and look at a distant object and try to concentrate on that. It’s a good way to divert your mind.

If possible, take breaks in between, like if you are travelling in a car, it’s good to get out of the car and take a short walk. Try and avoid bumpy roads and journey. These are some of the ways by which you can control feeling sick when travelling. Also, take along medicines from your family doctor and have them on a regular basis.

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