Hotels In Nakuru Town, Kenya

Nakuru Town hotels Kenya has become a very popular place now days. A place where all adventure lovers can stay for quite a long time and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

While we talk about Kenya, travelling, and adventure, the first place that comes in our minds is Nakuru. Nakuru, being the capital of Kenya is a marvelous place. It is ranked the fourth biggest cosmopolitan Centre in the republic. It is such a wonderful place mainly because of the establishment of this place traces back to the British white highlands in the colonial period. This land once was the home for many of the colorful politicians like the late Kariuki chotara, Kihika kimani and many more.

Special Attractions in Nakuru

As because people from all over the world come to visit this place, tourism is a very important monetary activity for the Nakuru inhabitants,. The most remarkable place in Nakuru to visit is Marsabit. It is also famous because it is the same site where in 2006 the MP met with a fatal accident in a plane crash on the way to a peace meeting.

lake nakuru lodge

Another very nice sight here is the large public market lying to the west of the town and stretching itself upto Nairobi, which is full of different people at night. Some other key attractions in Nakuru are the Lake Nakuru and Lake Nakuru national park. The numerous flamingoes and not to forget the Menengai Crater which is a dormant volcano are exceptional. The Hyrax hill is also a pre historic site in Nakuru, which is also a Neolithic and Iron Age site.

Places to Repose out your Exhaustion

There are loads of places here where you can rest and relax. The Merica hotel is definitely topping the charts now. Located in the core of Nakuru, this mesmerizing hotel is just a 2-hour drive from the country’s capital. Fully air-conditioned and all the rooms having a view of the swimming pool and loads of fresh air and sunlight, this hotel serves its best purpose.

There are 89 luxury rooms, 4 small rooms and all of them wonderfully furnished. This hotel can give us add-ons such as an arena for body rejuvenating. You can relax and raise your spirit here.  Hotel kunste and the bontana hotel ranks 2 and 3 respectively inn this charts having mostly the same features.

Kigio Wildlife Lodge

There are also some wonderful lodges here for those who are on a budget trip. The lake Nakuru lodge ranks the list here. This lodge is placed just to the east of the lake Nakuru national park. With space for over 120 people, this lodge has three distinct features – a family room system, cottage system and even luxurious suites.

With proper luxury, furnishing and service, this lodge does its best to keep it up to the mark. It has an ethnic African culture and atmosphere, which is reflected in the cuisine and the décor of the lodge.

The sarova lion hill lodge, Flamingo hill camp and the Sun Bird Lodge are among the others in the list too.  Then there are the Midland Hotel, Kigio Wildlife Lodge, Great Rift Valley lodge etc.

So go on tourists have a sneak-peek into the Nakuru lifestyle and enjoy you stay there. Go adventuring!