Hong Kong Zoological Gardens

The Hong Kong Zoological Gardens is located in Victoria Peak and is hugely popular among tourists here. The park has a highest point of 100 m and the management of the park is totally committed to the zoological exhibits. The Garden is divided into parts – east and west. The eastern part of the garden has a Children’s Garden, Aviaries, Green House and Fountain Terrace Garden. This area is known as the Old Garden. The western section is known as the New Garden and you can see the exhibits of many mammals and reptiles.


There are no charges for entry. The admission is totally free. The timings of the different section are as follows –

a)    Fountain Terrace Garden – 6 am to 10 pm
b)    Green House – 9 am to 4:30 pm
c)    Other areas – 6 am to 7 pm

How to Go

There are a number of buses which will take you to Hong Kong Zoo. From Central you can take bus no 3B, 12 or 13 and from Admiralty you can board bus no 12A, 12M, 40M, 40P, 40.


There are a number of enclosures inside the park that is liked by the young crowd. The Aviary is a good one and the Mammal Enclosure and the Reptile House is also well looked after and has a good number of exhibits. There is a Light Refreshment Kiosk so that you can enjoy the occasional food and drinks. There is also a unique Rain Shelter in the garden in case the heavens open ur during the rainy season. So we find that all the nitty gritty details are taken of by the Park.


The Park houses around 400 birds, 70 mammals and 50 reptiles. There are more than 50 enclosures and the animals are well looked after. The Park has Bornean Orang – utan, Chinese Porcupine, Emperor Tamarin among mammals, American Flamingo, Bali Mynah, Hawaiian Goose among Birds, Burmese Python, Greek Tortoise, Malayan Box Turtle among Reptiles.


More than 1000 varieties of plants are in the garden which gives the park a natural look. Most of the plants are from tropical and sub – tropical regions.