Honeymoon in Hawaii

hawaii-honeymoon Hawaii has emerged as a perfect destination for honeymoon goers in recent years. Newly weds are enchanted by the beauty of the Hawaii. The gentle wind of Hawaii touching the face, warmth of sun enveloping the body, soft white sand of Hawaii engulfing the toes and sparkling clear waters beholding the view and the fragrance of tropical flowers of Hawaii in the atmosphere invites the newly weds to live their dreams and decipher the secrets and promises of their new life which lies ahead them.

Hawaii has a chain of islands namely Kaua’I, Moloka’I, Maui, O’ahu, Lana’I and Big Island. These islands are full of beauty and provide the ambience of recreation to their inhabitants. Hawaii islands offer the precise type of honeymoon experience a couple may have dreamt of. It can be an adventurous trip full of water sports and sneaking in the culture of Hawaii or a romantic trip with solitude and solace in the enchanting beauty of Hawaii. Couples can choose and decide as per their taste and preference.

Hawaii is a heaven for those who wish for a romantic honeymoon. A romantic walk on Hanalei pier on the Hanalei beach at the time of sunset is the perfect time for the union of the souls. The beauty of the beach is bewitching and it has the power to heal the relationship and the experience stays with the couple forever.


Experience of swimming under a waterfall is unsurpassed and can be enjoyed at Manoa Falls Trail at O’ahu. Gaze at the bright stars at night while sitting on the beach and imbibe the beauty and serenity of the ambience to make honeymoon in Hawaii a treasured experience.

Adventurous trip includes the surfing in the waters, snorkel at Bay of Haunama, swimming and playing with dolphins, sliding on the dormant volcano Hakeakala, hiking Na Pali Coast, exploring the Grand Canyon Waimea Canyon, scuba diving in one of the world’s greatest dive places, Kona, night dive to see manta rays and many more.


On the food front, couples can enjoy the sea food gourmet and the local cuisines. Hawaii’s kettle cooked potatoes redefines the taste of the potato dish and must try dishes are opakapaka and mahi-mahi.

Hawaii is an experience of altogether different world. Honeymoon in Hawaii would be a memorable affair bestowing the couple with the captivating memories.