Hit The Road Tips for Car Travel

roadtriptips Looking to spend some quality time with your children? Road trips are the answer! They are a great way to bond with your family and to create memories that last a lifetime.

Taking children on a long car ride may seem like a daunting task, but, with a few pointers you can hit the open road without fear.

Planning the trip

When planning the trip, think honestly about how many hours of travel your children will be able to endure. You may want to plan the trip so that the car journey coincides with their nap time. Frequent pit stops are recommended when traveling with little children for them to work off their pent-up energy.

Don’t forget to pack…

Carry towels, cushions, and blankets to for a comfortable journey. Take loads of snacks, sweets and juice packs for the long haul. Take more food than you think will be required, in case an emergency arises. Don’t forget to pack a first-aid kit with medicines for motion sickness.

Make technology work for you

Take advantage of living in a techno-savvy era. Let the kids watch a movie on the laptop you were carrying to catch up on work. You can also take along a portable DVD player for them.

Once the movie is over, the children can sing along with their mp3 player or play games on their hand-held device so that you are free to focus on the road.

Old-fashioned entertainment

If your children are fond of reading carry a few books. You can buy audio story books and toys for the smaller kids. Hand your children a copy of the map and help them trace the route and mark it with their crayons as you travel. This way they’ll know how much ground you’ve covered and won’t ask the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?”

Follow these simple tips and turn a boring car trip into a genuine highway adventure.


  • ritiroy

    Car trips are never boring! I can never think of reading in a car, though.. there is so much to see outside .