Haunted Places – USA

Planning on touring the United States of America this holiday? If you are the kind of person who loves haunted places and attractions, take some time off your travel itinerary to visit some of these really spooky places that are scattered across the country.

The Whaley House, California: Situated in the quaint little town of San Diego is supposedly one of the most haunted sites in all of America. Called the Whaley House, the place is said to be the center of several paranormal activities.

These include sightings of previous inhabitants, some of the more prominent souls being a young girl who was hung to death here; chief Yankee Jim Robinson who was killed in the house and a red headed daughter of the Whaley family.

Other paranormal activities noticed in the house include shutters of the windows opening and closing automatically, sudden cold spells and sweet perfume emanating in the rooms.

The Bell Farm, Tennessee: Located in the town of Adams, The Bell Farm has served as the backdrop for several horror stories, documentaries and films. And rightly so! The farm is said to be the abode of an entity called Kate, more popularly called the Bell Witch.

It is said that this particular evil spirit tortured a family that resided in the farm between the years 1817 and 182. The head of the family, John Bell was apparently the one most disturbed by the witch and ultimately died due to poisoning, which the witch claimed to have done herself.

The farm stands to this day as a reminder to the sufferings endured by the Bell Family during their stay here and locals still say that Kate stays in the house, plotting her next kill.

The White House, Washington D.C.: Now what are the security forces going to say about this predicament? Apparently their job is to intercept any intruders trying to gain access to the White House. But what can they possibly do if the intruder happens to be a ghost?

True! The White House in Washington D.C. has its fair share of ghosts, mostly former presidents who make frequent trips around the house to make sure everything is in order. The more popular ghosts include that of Abraham Lincoln who is said to frequent his bedroom and the oval office often; Andrew Jackson who pays a visit to the guests staying at the house; Abigail Adams and Honest Abe who can be seen in the hallways; and Harrison who mostly stays in the attic, searching for something.

The Queen Mary, California: If you happen to be visiting Long Beach, don’t miss out the chance to get aboard this supposedly haunted vessel that was a very popular luxury cruise liner in the olden days.

The liner has been converted into a hotel and is open to the public. Guests staying at the hotel claim to have seen apparitions haunting the vessel in addition to hearing strange noises throughout their stay.

Some of the more popular sightings include that of a Lady in White who is frequently spotted near the front desk; a small girl near the pool and a sailor who is seen at the front of the ship. In addition to this, guests say they can hear furniture moving all by itself in the corridors, loud noises of metal pipes banging against each other in the engine room and a blood curling scream from the hull of the ship at night.

The Crescent Hotel, Arkansas: Located in Eureka Springs, is one of the most haunted hotels in the entire country. Called The Crescent, the hotel is the base for several ghosts from the Victorian period.

Apparently, the hotel served as a hospital and a spa in the 1930’s and guests staying at the hotel claim to see the ghosts of a nurse and a doctor (Doctor Baker) roam the hallways. The grounds surrounding the hotel is said to be haunted by a gentleman who is dressed in period clothing. Also spotted regularly is the ghost of an Irish mason, Michael who accidently plunged to his death from the top of the hotel.

These are some of the most haunted places in the USA. Though there are several other similar sites and landmarks, these places need to be in your travel itinerary if you visit these areas. So get ready to face some real ghosts and set off with a brave heart. Happy ghost hunting!

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