Haunted Places in England

How would it feel to walk through a haunted mansion at the dead of the night with nothing but the moon to light your path? Sounds scary right? If you are an avid ghost hunter and love the thought of visiting haunted sites, check out these truly haunted places in England.

Beccles: This small town in the Suffolk County is home to the Roos Hall which is touted to be one of the most haunted places in England. But it’s the not the mansion alone that is haunted. The entire village seems to be haunted by the ghosts of its ancient settlers.

As described by the locals, on Christmas Eve, a ghost carriage pulled by four horses (also ghosts) and driven by a headless man can be seen moving around the gardens of the Roos Hall. A few deep marks on one of the walls inside the hall are said to be the foot prints of the Devil.

Another supposedly haunted site in the village is an oak tree which witnessed many executions in yester years. As a result, the tree and its surroundings are haunted by those who were hung to death here. If you are brave enough, walk around the tree six times and locals say you will get a personal call from the devil himself.

Pluckley: Located in Kent, this village is haunted by over 12 different ghosts. Most of the houses in this small village are deemed to be haunted and many of the sightings occur near the graveyard and Saint Nicholas’ Church.

Story goes that the ghost of Red Lady Derring can be seen drifting in the graveyard and constant noises and bangs erupt from beneath her tombstone. Apart from Red Lady Derring, locals claim to have also seen another lady and her companion dog wander around the cemetery at night.

Horning: In this small village, numerous spirits apparently gather together to celebrate the crowning of Ella as the first King of Angles. Though the coronation happened in the fifth century A.D., the spirits get together on July 21st every five years to reenact the event.

Old Portsmouth: Located in Hampshire, this village is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of one of its old convicts. Fondly called as “Jack the Painter”, James Hill was hanged in the year of 1776 for trying to burn down the Portsmouth dockyard. Ever since then, a ghostly apparition of the man is said to roam the streets at night, dragging heavy chains behind it.

Happisburgh: A small town in Norfolk, Happisburgh is said to be haunted by one of the most ghastly ghosts you can ever lay eyes on. People who claim to have seen the hideous apparition say that it resembles a human body with no legs, with its head dangling behind the body and attached to the body by just a small piece of flesh.

The ghost is known to make the journey from the shores of the sea to a well in the middle of the town before it disappears. Rumors say that the ghost is the wandering soul of a smuggler who was murdered and thrown into the well by his companions.

Aylementon: Again close to Norfolk, lies another village called Aylementon. Located along the coast, this sea side village has huge pits on the ground in a particular area. Apparently, these pits were remnants of an ancient settlement.

Locals claim to see a ghostly white apparition hovering near the pits, as if searching for something. Most of the time, the ghost lets out a blood curling scream that can be heard for miles around. Hence, the site is also called as the “Shrieking Pits”.


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