Haunted Attractions: Zombies

Located in Arlington, Texas, is one of , Dallas-Fort Worth’s most popular haunted attractions. Called the Zombie Manor Haunted House, the attraction is located in the Peyco Industrial Park Area.

The attraction centers on a zombie theme and the entire building and its interiors have been aethetically designed to reflect the same.

Owned and operated by Dean Jarnig, the Zombie Manor Haunted House comprises of a cleverly disguised mansion with a parking lot that doubles as a ticket counter.

As guests move inside the building, they enter a small room at the entrance which houses a ticket booth and a movie screen. The screen showcases the attraction’s promotional video at regular intervals and this is enough to send jitters down the spine of visitors waiting to enter the manor.

The story behind the attraction goes that the owner of the mansion (called Landrum Manor), Delacroix molested one of the house girls who worked in the mansion. The girl happened to be the daughter of a maid called Badula who also worked in the manor. In a fit of rage, Badula cursed the entire family and its holdings to rot forever.

Soon afterwards, an infectious plague besieged the Delacroix family and anyone who tried to help them. Their crops withered, livestock died and property dwindled. Finally, as the last member of the Delacroix family died, the bodies of all the family members came back to walk the earth as zombies forever.

Doomed to rot till eternity, the mansion was restored from its dilapidating state by a person whom everyone called the Caretaker. The residents of the town to this day feel that the property is haunted and claim to have heard moans and eerie sounds from the mansion at night.

The entire attraction stands on the grounds of the so called haunted property and the theme of the manor also reflects the original story of the Landrum Manor. The rooms and corridors of the manor have been suitably decorated with minimal lighting to increase the scare quotient.

The actors who are employed to act as zombies play their part to perfection and scare the living daylights out of the guests who venture into the manor. Alongwith wonderful lighting effects, the costumes and makeup of the artists are praiseworthy and quite scary as well.

In addition to hosting several interesting events, the Zombie Manor Haunted House also operates a Zombie School that is open for all to attend and remains open till the attraction is closed after the Halloween season.

The school teaches its students the art of walking, groaning and moaning like the dead and there are several guest lecturers who attend the school to give an insight into the world of the living dead.

Students can also have the privilege getting a peak of the manor from behind the scenes. In 2009, the zombie school was organized and run by Jugular Productions where film makers Joe Titus and Erick Smith entertained the students with their expertise in the subject of the undead.


fathima abubakr