Guatemala Travel Offers Everything From Coastline To Volcanoes

Guatemala has now become a tourist hotspot in Central America. The country sharing borders with Mexico, Honduras, Belize and El Salvador attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Though there is lot to do and see in Guatemala, the Pacific coastline and the small strip of Caribbean coastline deserves special mention. If you are outlining your activities during Guatemala travel, you should never forget to include the Mayan Ruins. Guatemala still has several remains of small Mayan buildings, which can give you a glimpse of the civilization, which once flourished here from 700 BC till 900 AD.

The remains of the buildings of the Mayan civilization narrate the tales of the rulers, who once ruled this place. To get closer to the history of the civilization, you must include El Mirador and Tikal in your trip planner.

Though the historical sites of Mayan civilization form a major attraction in Guatemala, it is not the only thing to see in Guatemala travel. You can visit Antigua, one of the most popular cities of this Central American country. Here you can get all modern facilities, which you may require for the trip. Antigua boasts of some of the world class accommodations and eateries to make your trip enjoyable. The scenic beauty of this place also deserves special mention.

When you are planning Guatemala travel, you cannot simply afford to miss the Lake Atitlan. This is the largest lake of this country and one of the famous spots of tourist attractions in Guatemala. Small towns surround the place from all sides, which enhances the beauty of the lake further. You can spend some quality time with your friends and families by the side of this lake.

Guatemala has a lot more to offer to tourists. When you are in Guatemala, Montericco’s scenic beauty will surely impress you. Montericco is a beautiful beach in the Pacific Coast, which can make you spellbound with its ambience. The peaceful ambience of the place and the black sand beach will surely rejuvenate your soul. Try to spend an evening in this beach and you will be really amazed with the beauty of sunset.

Volcan de Pacaya also deserves mention when you are chalking out the itinerary of Guatemala travel. The active volcano is also among the popular tourists attractions of the country. Though it is located just at a distance of around thirty minutes from Antigua, it may remain inaccessible for several days due to volcanic activities. If you get the chance to climb up this mountain, you should wear jackets and long pants. While jackets are needed for protecting you from the chilly wind blowing on the top of the mountain, long pants and strong boots are needed for the rough surface of the volcanic mountain.

To enjoy your Guatemala travel, you should be careful about your safety. Crime rate in this region is quite high and you should follow the laws of the place to avoid any unexpected consequences during the trip.  Also book your travel and accommodation facilities for the trip in advance to make the most of every moment.