Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is an epitome of Chinese culture. It is very beautiful and gigantic in length. Great Wall of China was erected in order to protect the northern borders of china.  The wall is spread over an area of over 5500 miles. It goes across plains, mountains, deserts, grasslands and plateaus.

The wall of China is the greatest structure built by human kind. Its sheer length is amazing. The construction of the wall started almost 9000 years ago. The construction of the Wall was completed in the reign of the Ming dynasty. It is understood that more than three hundred thousand people were employed to build the wall.

The Great Wall of China is easily accessible from the capital city of China, Beijing. There are a number of tour operators who will take you to the wall of China. You have to decide that which part of wall you should visit to see as obviously you cannot see the whole wall.

The Badaling section is the most popular spot where the tour operators mostly go as it is the nearest one and more easily approached than the other sections. This section of the Wall is an example of the great Chinese culture. Apart from this section there are other sections of the wall which you would like to see.

The Mutianya section of the wall is little further and requires more travelling. The extra travelling discourages most of the visitors to visit this section. But it is as good a site to visit as the Badaling section.

The incline in this section is steeper than the Badaling section. There is the cable car facility available in case you do not want to walk up to the Wall. There are Simatai and Gubeikou sections which reminds you of the older times.

A Visit to this section of the wall requires much energy and effort. The incline is even steeper and there is no cable car facility, so you are advised to think a little before you wish to visit this section of the wall.  If you are adventurous then you may like to visit the Huanghuacheng and Jiankou sections. Huanghua is another section which you would like to visit, It is little further away. The Wall in this section is broken.

The facilities are good if you want to visit the Great Wall of China. Various tour operators and cabs are available. If you wish to stay near the Great Wall of China, there are a number of hotels which offer comfortable stay and good food.Visiting the Great Wall of China is inspiring. It is an example of human achievement.



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