Grand Cayman Islands Tours

Grand Cayman Islands Self-guided tours allow visitors to enjoy flexibility and view destinations, attractions and other points of interest at their own pace and according to their choice. The Grand Cayman Islands offers some of the best beaches with crystal clear water, long trails and countless options to explore.

Formerly a British colony, this small island nation comprises of three different islands – the Little Cayman, Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Out of these, the Cayman Brac remains the least visited.

Best Time For Grand Cayman Islands Self-Guided Tour

It is best to visit the Grand Cayman Islands between December to April. During these months, the Grand Cayman visit is going to be most enjoyable but not the most economical. However, if budget is your concern, make it to the Grand Cayman Island either in May for the Batabano Carnival or in October during the Pirates Week.

More On The Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman can be the best bet for land-based activities as well as nightlife. The well known Seven Mile Beach is a great place for indulging in water sports or to simply relax.

The Grand Cayman

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You can also walk leisurely in the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park to enjoy the greenery. The Grand Cayman also offers a range of water recreation activities and other water sports including windsurfing, diving, snorkeling and jet skiing.

Little Cayman

It is a secluded island and the perfect place for those who are looking for peace and tranquility. The Little Cayman also offers the opportunity to row to the nearby deserted ‘Omar Island’.

Little Cayman

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In case you are looking for some good activities in the Little Cayman, go diving. Jackson Point and Bloody Bay on the Little Cayman offer above 50 diving sites.

Cayman Brac

It is a perfect place for those who would like to escape to the place that has beautiful landscape, Flora and fauna. Some attractions here include Parrot Reserve, Rebecca’s Cave and shipwrecks to explore.

Self-Guided Tours of the Grand Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands offers exceptional opportunities to visitors.  You can hike through the island and catch glimpses of exotic animals and plants. Also avail the opportunity of exploring caves, walking through the lagoons, and discovering secluded beaches.

West Bay Tour

West Bay, located in the grand Cayman Islands features sightseeing attractions. To visit West Bay, renting a vehicle would be ideal. The town has many isolated beaches and you can visit all one by one. You must make it to Cayman’s Turtle Farm, boatswain’s beach, Pampered Ponies Horseback Riding and the Turtle Reef Shore Dive Spot.

Seven Mile Beach

As the name explains, The Seven Mile Beach is a long stretch of sand and water that is 7 miles in length and is lined with condos, resorts, shops, bars, boutiques, restaurants and water sports. Carry a guide map for yourself and follow directions. Center of this long stretch is a Public Beach.

seven mile beach grand cayman

It will be a good idea to start touring from the eastern end of this beach and end your tour at the isolated Cemetery Beach. Here you will be able to find a number of picnic tables sheltered by shady trees. Cemetery Beach is also very well known for its underwater activity. Therefore, bringing your snorkeling gear will be a good idea.

Mastic Trail

Mastic Trail is located amidst a woodland area that is known to be around 2 million-year-old. In fact, the Mastic Trail itself is 200 years old. A must visit destination for nature lovers, Mastic Trail offers a variety of habitats including stands of silver thatch palms and royal palms, Black Mangrove wetland, and also an ancient dry forest. The self-guided tour will take around 3 hours for a round trip.

Cayman Turtle Farm

Visitors make it to the Cayman Turtle Farm to see the green sea turtle, an endangered species. Located on the Boatswain’s Beach, Cayman Turtle Farm features green sea turtle of all sizes.

cayman turtle farm

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You will be able to find dozen of turtles ranging from a size as small as 6 ounces to as much as 600 pounds. Visitors can also learn about hatching process and they can even touch baby turtles.

Cayman Islands National Gallery

With an extensive collection of sculptures and paintings by local artists, the national Gallery of the Cayman Islands is another must-visit place.

You can go for a self-guided tour and watch the landscape paintings of Seven Mile Beach, Georgetown and other key sites present around the island. You’ll also be able to see sculptures and portraits of former local residents.

Cayman Islands National Museum

Located on the George Town’s waterfront, the Cayman Islands national Museum is a repository of artwork, artifacts and memorabilia of the island. Visitors can take a self-guided tour of this museum and learn about island’s trading industry as well as the island’s history. The museum also houses a café, a theater and a gift shop.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

A perfect place for relaxing and taking peaceful walks, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park features freshwater turtles, rare species of parrot and a 2/3 mile long trail.

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A self guided tour of the botanic path will allow visitors to explore traditional garden designs, collection of flowers, native plants and Visitor Center for seeing latest exhibits.

Pedro St. James – A National Historic Site

It is essentially a restored house that was built back in the late 18th century. The site is of great historical significance and used to be a place where official gatherings and legislative meetings used to take place.

Their building was constructed with gabled framework, wide-beam wooden ceilings and wide verandas. Visitors can indulge in a self-guided tour and climb up to the top in order to explore the building as well as its landscaped courtyard and gardens

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The Grand Cayman is the capital city of George Town and also a high-energy destination for entertainment, shopping, and dining. Tourist attractions in the Grand Cayman Island are scattered all around.

Whether you like adventure excursions or sightseeing tours, you will get enough opportunities and will surely be able to enjoy the Grand Cayman Islands.