Getting An Upgrade On Your Flight

Airline ticket prices are increasing day by day and they get real expensive if you plan to travel first or business class. But smart people will but a regular economy or a premium economy ticket and look for an upgrade.

People get upgraded by paying the difference in price but if you are smart then you can get yourself upgraded without paying a dime. Here I will share some tips on how to upgrade your ticket on your next flight.

Always be flexible. The airlines may request you to accept a seat change. Although you have assigned a seat the airlines have every right to request you to accept a change. You may feel bad if you have to give up on a window seat but remember that the new seat might be in the first class.

The airlines will not divulge the details of the new seating arrangement in front of other passengers but chances are that you are in for a real surprise! So always be flexible whenever you are catching a flight.

Always dress in a proper manner when catching a flight and be polite to the airline officials. It will pay you in the long run. If you are not attired properly or if you behaved badly with one of the staffs then you might not be their first choice for the automatic upgrade. So dress and behave properly to increase your chances of a business or first class seat.

If you really want to get upgraded then try to book your flights early and also arrive early at the airport. Flights do get overbooked in economy class during rush hours and premium season and there remains a golden chance for few economy class passengers to get upgraded to business or first class. Airline staffs are more relaxed and friendly during early flights and they are always eager to do that something ‘extra’ for the passengers.

The above-mentioned methods are all tried and tested but it might so happen that even after doing all these for 10 – 12 odd flights, you never got an upgrade! Well, in such a scenario, try to find out the differential fare and pay it or redeem some of your miles from the frequent flyer program.


  • Nick Phillipps

    I once got upgraded for free because of my height, was awesome. All i had to do was ask if i can have a seat with a little extra leg room and they stuck me up front!

  • subhobrata

    wow! you were really lucky.