Get Attracted to the Magnetic Island

If you want a break from your monotonous schedule and love the beaches, Magnetic Island is where you should head to. Magnetic Island is the one and only one island on the North Queensland Coast and is a perfect and pleasant fusion of untouched National Park.

Though it is situated in the Tropics, but the beautiful Magnetic Island is a bright and the sunniest city of Queensland Coast. This island is a unique one in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef region.

The Magnetic Island is a magical place for travelers seeking peace and solitude. It can be called the sunshine town as this island averages over 320 days of sunshine per year. This ultimate holiday destination has wonderful wildlife, reefs and beautiful beaches to be traversed. The rare and unique national park has a retreat for variety of wildlife, reefs, rock wallabies, koalas and possums.

If you just want to jump into the cold blue water, laze around the beach and have fresh coconut water, relax on the warm golden and gaze at the picturesque sun set, Magnetic Island is the perfect destination for your vacation.

The beaches look magnificent with pine trees and serenity all around creating a breathtaking coastline. Reaching to Magnetic Island is easy by air, drive or rail to the Tropics.  There are many places to see in the Islands which includes the ‘Moltke’ which is a wreck drive on the shores of the Magnetic Island and is the home for squirrelfish, batfish, butterfly fish and many more.

One more fascinating place is the Arcadia bay which is the smallest of the four bays around the Magnetic Island where activities like children’s playground, barbeque’s, picnic tables are available.

Also celebrated is the Bay Days festival which is a colorful and vibrant celebration of music, exhibitions, art, theatre, markets, you name it and they have it and is a must to attend for the tourists.

For someone who wants to relax in Magnetic Islands, fishing is one thing that should not be skipped. So what are you waiting for? Go pack your bags and get ready for some exclusive rugged natural beauty, beautiful beaches, wildlife and a pleasant weather!