Galveston Island

The Galveston Island offers a beautiful range of beaches spread over 30miles. Some important ones are listed below.

East Beach: this biggest beach of Texas is situated to the east. The most interesting fact is that one can enjoy some alcohol, along with snacks while they are soaking the sun. During summers volleyball matches are common site. For those who love a lot of buzz and cheering, this is the place. You need to pay $8 for car, and you got to be there from 9 to 5 during weekdays and up to 7 on weekends.

Steward Beach: This beach too offers all the facilities as above except drinking. It’s best suited for families to hang out. Provisions are there to hold small gatherings and meetings. Surely, a place children will enjoy.

Seawall Blvd: This is an open beach for anyone to go for a stroll or just admire the sea and sand. You will not find any kind of facilities though.

Sea Gull Shores Beach: A beach situated on the 71/2 road, is presently under renovation. It promises good facilities and might be available from April.

Sand Castle Beach: Placed on 9 mile road, FM 3005, this beach provides you both free and private parking. You can enjoy some beach games or have a look at the wetland preserves.

Sea Shell Beach: To the west of 13 mile road is this beautiful stretch of 10 acres of sand. It has all that you need to relax like the showers, chairs and tables that can be rented, snacks on the counter and provision for those on wheelchairs.

Galveston State Park: travel further from the subdivision of Pirate’s beach to find this one. Open throughout the year, entry for kids is free and $5 for elders. You can even camp here and avail various facilities costing $15-$25. One can camp up to 14 days. You are sure to find parking space over a huge area of 2000 acres.

Apart from these, if you are looking for free access beaches, they are towards the far west. There are blue sign boards indicating them. you can enjoy them but have to compromise on absence of lifeguards and facilities.

Things prohibited keeping safety in mind are – open fire, overnight camping, glass containers, open pets, walking on sand dunes, 4 wheelers or driving on beach and water. One needs to be cautious not swim in the range of jetties and ship channel.

The ever present Beach Patrol will ensure you safety. But even swimmers should be aware of the dangers from even minor waves and keep kids in the safety zone. Most of these beaches will be buzzing with activity between May and September. As the weather is fairly same throughout the year, you can visit them during spring or winter to have a peaceful time.



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