Fun Things To Do In Gatlinburg During Summer Break

Thinking of visiting Gatlinburg this holiday? Then you will be delighted to note that this beautiful city in Tennessee, USA has something for everybody in the family and has literally hordes of fun activities and recreational options to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

So if you are looking to enjoy your next summer in Gatlinburg, here are the most popular fun things that await you here.

Fun Things To Do In Gatlinburg During Summer Break

Visiting The Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Definitely the most popular tourist attraction in the entire city, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park plays host to more than 12 million visitors every year. Housing more than 800 miles of nature trails this park offers its visitors stupendous views of the city and the surrounding regions.


Not to forget mentioning the fact that the park also happens to be home to a huge black bear population. So make sure you check out the nature trails for hikes and bicycling options. The trails range from winding and extremely difficult ones (for experienced hikers and bikers) to short, easy ones (for novices and children).

The Laurel Falls is a majestic 60 foot waterfall that is located about 2.3 miles inside the park. You can also opt to have picnics on one of the many picnic pavilions mounted on scenic viewpoints throughout the park. If you love animals, then a scenic drive through Cades Cove would bring you face to face with a variety of wildlife including black bears, turkeys and white tailed deer.

Waterfall Jeep Tour

During your visit to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, make it a point to opt for t he Waterfall Jeep Tour that would take you through the wilderness of the mountains to some of the most beautiful waterfalls of the region, the Nantahala area waterfalls.

Simply breathtaking to behold, these waterfalls look as oases in between the rugged wilderness. The Jeep tour would also take you to wildlife spotting zones where you can catch glimpses of native animals in their natural habitats.

Pigeon River Rafting Adventure

Considered an exciting adventure for the entire family, the Pigeon River Rafting Adventure would have you and your family riding the white water rapids of Little and Big Pigeon River. While families who are apprehensive of riding the rapids with their children can opt for a scenic raft ride through the 6 mile comparatively mild Little Pigeon River, those who want some excitement can opt for the Class III and IV white water rapids of the Big Pigeon River.

Things to do in Gultinburg

Of course your children need to be more than 8 years old and need to weigh more than 70 pounds to be let onto these rides. You will also be provided with safety helmets, life jackets and paddles. So have your share of the fun as you brave the rapids and catch glimpses of wonderful rock formations and towering rock walls as you move down the river.

Gatlinburg Zip line Adventures

A very unique way to get the best sights of Gatlinburg and the surrounding areas, these adventures provide travelers with the opportunity to zip past towering tree canopies at breathtaking speeds while enjoying some of the most beautiful natural sights this side of the country.

Galtinburg Zip Line Adventure

With more than a thousand zip lines to choose from, visitors will be left with plenty of options. Some of these trips are nearly 3 hours long and can be enjoyed by the entire family. And professional guides would be with you throughout the trip to help you out with safety considerations.

The Nantahala Scenic Train Ride

This beautiful train ride would take you through the natural wilderness of the Smoky Mountain range via the Smoky Mountain Railway. Catch fleeting glimpses of rare plants and animals as you ride through the mountainside.

Other Fun Activities You Can Opt For In Gatlinburg

Of course if you think that these are the only attractions in Gatlinburg, then you are wrong! For Gatlinburg is filled to the core with plenty of recreational zones that offer plenty of fun activities for the entire family. These include arcades, theatrical shows, racing tracks, mini golf courses, underwater tunnels (the Ripley’s Aquarium) and trams (like the Space Needle) etc.

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