Fun Filled Holidays in Cancun

The small fishing village of Cancun in Mexico has developed quickly over the years, into a well developed tourist city. Attracting over 2 million visitors every year, the region offers its visitors pristine clear beaches, picturesque seaside villages, a horde of attractions and adventure sports, wonderful entertainment options, lively nightlife and cosmopolitan hotels that cater to all kinds of travelers.

Location: Cancun is located on the southern tip of Mexico and flights land at the Cancun International Airport. It is also possible to drive to the resort which is a day’s trip from Mexico. Buses also provide transportation from Mexico to the resort and the spectacular landscapes on the way more than make up for the travel time.

About the area: Cancun is divided into two separate regions which are the Zona Commercial Downtown and the Zona Hotelera area. While the former comprises of the residential and shopping center of the resort, the latter houses various condos and attractions situated around Cancun Island, which is a small strip of beach area that encircles a beautiful lagoon. The island is connected to the mainland by giant causeways at both ends of the strip.

What’s to see in Cancun: Cancun is more famous for its seaside resorts than the other attractions and there are a fair number of seaside towns and villages you might consider visiting. Akumal is a fantastic beach side town which is popular with couples. The crystal clear waters of the sea offer snorkel and scuba diving activities in addition to other sports like water skiing and wind surfing.

The little town of Paamul is located right next to the beautiful Caribbean Sea with many sea side properties for sale. The town is kid friendly and offers plenty of activities for the entire family.

Puerto Morelos has many charming sea side restaurants and cafes for romantic dinners and the reef gardens surrounding the region is worth a visit if you fancy snorkeling.

Isla Contoy is a small island that can be reached from Cancun via boats and boasts of housing spectacular sandy white beaches in addition to various cafes that serve delicious food. And Chan Chemuyil is a wonderful coastal town that is lined with swaying palm groves, colorful gardens and a great range of water sports to keep you occupied.

The Xelha Water Park is located about 55 miles to the South of Cancun and is quite popular with tourists and locals alike. Almost always crowded the year around, the park offers plenty of land and water games in addition to providing unlimited buffet meals and drinks along with a dash of nightly entertainment.

The Acuario Interactivo is an interactive aquarium combined with a shopping mall to provide a fun filled day for the entire family. Shop to your heart’s content in addition to experiencing the thrill of swimming with sharks. A café situated at the entrance to the lagoon offers seasonal meals and you can hop onto a boat after a meal to explore the lagoon. A kids club offers activities for your kids to indulge in so you don’t have to be bored until the food arrives.

There are various scuba diving schools in and around Cancun that offer lessons in scuba diving in addition to arranging diving expeditions to nearby lagoons and islands. Scuba Cancun is one such center which welcomes repeated visitors every year. Diving expeditions arranged by this center involve tours to various beautiful diving areas around Cancun and visits to Dolphin habitats in addition to excursions to several marine habitats.

Those who love historical monuments would love the town of Tulum which houses some of the most spectacular Mayan ruins in the region. The site is just a small drive from Cancun and you can actually walk into some of the ruins to see how the ancient settlers of the island lived in the cave like surroundings.

Apart from all these activities, the areas in and around Cancun offer lots of additional attractions and activities to keep you on your toes. You can choose from partying, golfing, scuba diving, jet skiing, parachuting, bungee jumping and trekking to keep your days fun filled and active.

A sad part of all this is that the vacation might cost quite a bit on the higher scale due to the value of the area and its surroundings. However, if you are a person who doesn’t mind shelling out some extra money to enjoy a quality holiday, then Cancun’s the place for you.


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