Fun at Sea World Orlando, Florida

Kids always love theme parks, be it the normal amusement parks or water parks. While most theme parks are suitable only for visitors above a certain age, several other parks have different attractions for every member of the family from toddlers to aged individuals.

Orlando, Florida has been the birthplace of numerous signature theme parks, including the world renowned Walt Disney Resort and Theme Park. Housing innumerable theme parks in and around the city, Orlando is a hotspot for families and couples alike. And one such theme park in Orlando which enjoys repeated customers every year is the Sea World Orlando.

Located on the outskirts of Orlando, Sea World Orlando is a one of a kind theme park that combines fun filled water attractions with a marine adventure park to offer guests a memorable experience. The park is touted to be the 7th most visited park in the United States in addition to being ranked 12th in the world.

The park has something for the entire family and comprises of some of the most thrilling rides in Orlando. In addition to this, the park has recently opened a new marine park called Aquatica that adds another feather to the already brimming cap of accolades.

The park unlike others is not divided into distinct zones and the attractions blend seamlessly with each other to form an integrated environment. While kids get to enjoy quality time with Shamu, who happens to be the park’s whale mascot in the interactive water play area called Shamu Happy Harbor, the Waterfront area houses a Mediterranean style village complete with shops, restaurants and the Sky Tower ride. The Key West attraction enables visitors to learn about dolphins, stingrays and sharks in addition to gaining useful knowledge about their lifestyles and habitats.

Attractions: The park comprises of two sections which house the water rides and the marine land respectively. Some of the water rides in Sea World include a hanging roller coaster called Kraken, a 400 feet tall observation tower called Sky Tower that rotates at the top to offer panoramic views of the park, The Jazzy Jellies and Swishy Fishies tea cup rides, a tug ride called Ocean Connection, a freefall ride called the Flying Fiddlera Kiddie Ride, Journey to Atlantis which is a boat ride combined with a roller coaster and a carousel ride called Sea Carousel. The Pirate’s Net enables the smaller kids to have fun with nets and hanging cables in a play area.

The park also houses some really fantastic water rides in Aquatica which include an underwater closed tube water ride through a lagoon filled with dolphins (called  Commerson’s Dolphins tank), lots of lazy rivers to meander through, wave pools to soak in, and artificial sandy beaches to lie on.

There’s no other park in Orlando that offers you very close encounters with marine animals, especially dangerous ones like sharks too. Guests can swim with sharks in the Shark Encounter Attraction and dine out at the Shark’s Underwater Grill Restaurant as fishes swim around them. The Penguin Encounter Attraction enables visitors to get close to penguins, murres and puffins. You can interact with the park’s bottle nose dolphins at Dolphin Cove and watch seals and sea lions at the Pacific Point Preserve.

Turtle Point houses a wide variety of turtles that have been rescued from poachers and the Stingray Lagoon features an extensive variety of stingrays you can touch and feed. In addition to this, the Manatee Rescue Zone houses manatees that have been rescued in and around the waters of Florida. The Wild Arctic Attraction houses polar bears and walruses in addition to beluga whales, and guests can watch various documentaries about the creatures here.

The park features entertainment shows performed by professional trainers and trained animals, performed in places like The Whale and Dolphin Theatre, Bayside Stadium,   Seaport Theatre,   The Sea Lion and Otter Stadium, and The Nautilus Theatre. These venues host performances and shows by all kinds of animals ranging from cats, dogs, birds, sea lions, dolphins, killer whales and macaws.

In addition to all these attractions, the park also features a multimedia show called Reflections, which incorporates a comprehensive fireworks show, mist screens and dancing fountains into one giant entertainment program that will leave guests speechless!

With so many attractions, Sea World Orlando is just the place to enjoy a power packed holiday. Go ahead and have a gala time in what you can only describe as “the mother of all theme parks”!



fathima abubakr